Downballot loose ends

The latest on downballot races:

CA-04: Charlie Brown trails by 709 votes.
MD-01: Kratovil up by 2K votes
VA-05: Periello up by 747 votes
WA-08: Burner down by 5300 votes--trails in King County now.
MN-Sen:  Franken down 239 votes

Mixed news, to be sure, but we'll +21 in the House.

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Re: Downballot loose ends

I would say that we came up short in WA-08 and CA-4. We've won MD-01 and VA-05 and MN-SEN is still out there.

by RandyMI 2008-11-07 10:52AM | 0 recs
Re: Downballot loose ends

Campaign Diaries has a detailed update on those five races as well as the five other (like AK-AL and OH-15) that are still undecided at this hour.

by LeftistAddiction 2008-11-07 11:02AM | 0 recs


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