• This phrase in your comment should explain why Jews are very uncomfortable with J4J:

    "...if they ask tell them about the whole deal."

    Very few people ASK J4J to tell them anything.  Instead, J4J sends their people door-to-door, specifically looking for Jewish households, and as other posters have noted, looking for potentially "weak-minded" Jews like college students and nursing home residents.

    I had a fiery confrontation with a J4J representative on San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf this summer.  And I reported him to the authorities for passing out religious material on the Wharf, which is a no-no.  I was pleased as punch to see him escorted from the premises.  :)

    The reason that Jews have such scorn for J4J missionaries, and more tolerance for the Mormon or Jehovah's Witness that comes to the door, is because J4J is based on lies and deception.

    They've appropriated the tenets and trappings of Judaism -- they speak a little Hebrew, they wear kippot, they call their gathering places synagogues, etc.  Their whole purpose is to try and deceive people into thinking that you can be Jewish and still accept Jesus as the Messiah.  And that is just a 100% bold-faced lie.

    They prey on the young, the poorly-educated (from a Jewish standpoint).  And in a particularly disgusting tactic, they have a special affinity for intermarried couples.  They try and convince intermarrieds that joining J4J is a "compromise" between one partner's church and the other partner's synagogue.

    In reality, it's no such thing.  If you pray to Jesus in it, it's a church.

    The deception is why I HATE J4J with a passion, and I always will.

    Anyone who wants to learn more about J4J's despicable practices, and how to counter them, should visit jewsforjudaism.org

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    Jerome, you're way in the wrong here.  As others have said, should progressive Democrats change principled positions because of polling numbers?  (And a single, flawed, leading poll at that?)

    Offshore drilling just slaps a bandaid on the problem.  And we don't even get the benefits of that bandaid for 15-20 years.

    Meanwhile, what happens when some drunk tanker captain runs aground on the shores of St. Petersburg Beach in Florida?  Hundreds of miles of pristine coast could be ruined for years.

    I can't believe in a state like Florida, where tourism is by far the #1 moneymaker, that idiots like Mel Martinez and Charlie Crist have reversed their longstanding oppositions.

    Oh wait, they're idiots, so I guess I can believe they would tie their positions to dead-ender #1 (Bush) and dead-ender #2 (McCain).  I suppose Crist is still bucking for the VP slot, even though the persistent gay rumors, combined with McCain's already-serious trouble with the social conservative wing of the GOP, mean that Crist will NEVER get a shot.

    But Jerome, you're not an idiot.  You should know better than this.

  • Well, I didn't have any doubts.  Until Terry McAuliffe introduced her as "the next President of the United States," and the people behind her chanted "Denver, Denver, Denver."

    Then, I started to have a little doubt.

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    LOL.  The concept of "Bill Clinton" and "conscience" used in the same sentence amuses me.

    Bill Clinton 2008 is not the Bill Clinton of 1992.  I seriously think his heart surgeries changed some things in his brain.

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    So I guess when you say "I stand with Hillary no matter what," what you really mean is:

    "I stand with Hillary no matter what, unless she asks me to vote for Barack Obama, then I'm not really sure, maybe I don't stand with Hillary after all?"


  • Kennedy did.  And in doing so, contributed to Carter's loss in 1980.

    I'm not saying it's the only reason Carter lost.  But it sure didn't help!!

    If HRC cares more about herself than her party or her country, she'll carry the fight to Denver.

    I'm an optimist, so I choose to believe that she'll do the right thing and admit that the charade of her winning the nomination is over.  This race essentially ended on Super Tuesday.

  • Most HRC-supporting women will understand that voting for McCain, or abstaining, or writing in HRC's name in November is helping to put one of the most anti-women candidates in history in the Oval Office.

    This is the man who called his wife "the c-word" in front of a reporter.

    This is the man who said overturning "Roe v. Wade" would be a good idea.

    This is a man who has repeatedly voted against wage protection legislation for women.

    So yes, I understand that some women who previously supported Clinton will vote for McCain or not vote at all.

    However, it will be a tiny fraction.  Because the stakes are too high.  The next President could nominate as many as 3 justices to the Supreme Court.

    America won't take that chance.

  • I understand that's what you want.  However, please understand -- at this point, the game is over.

    Hillary will NOT be the nominee in 2008.

    The quicker that you and the rest of the hardcore Hillary supporters realize that, the sooner we can worry about kicking John McCain all over the map.

  • If you live in an electorally competitive state, writing in HRC's name is the same as voting for John Mccain.

    But if you want 100 more years in Iraq and a Supreme Court that will overturn Roe v. Wade, by all means, go ahead.

  • OK, on the flip side, what if she "suspends" and starts campaigning for Obama, and even endorses him.

    Will you vote for him then?

  • Please don't repeat the "McCain as Maverick" meme.  It is just not true.

    McCain has supported Bush's initiatives 95% of the time.

    McCain = Bush = the neo-con wing of the Republican party.

    In 2000, McCain had a legitimate claim to being a different kind of politician.  Now, he's just Bush the Third.

  • Right.  Contests like Florida and Michigan, where even HRC said "we know this isn't going to count for anything" were "rigged."

    So sad.  I don't know what planet some of you people live on.  Come visit us in Reality some time.

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    At the end of a football game, it doesn't really matter if the losing team "concedes."

    The points are the points.

    The delegates are the delegates.

    And it's GAME OVER, man!

  • Well, that's just sad.  If you're actually inside the Beltway (in DC), it won't really matter if you stay home, since Obama is likely to win DC by more than one vote.  :)

    However, if you live in VA or MD, please reconsider.  Do you really want four more years of the country heading down the crapper?

  • And yet, anyone who would do that has a fundamental lack of understanding of the political positions of all three candidates.

    Clinton and Obama have 80-90% identical platforms.

    McCain's positions are the polar opposite of both Clinton and Obama on nearly every issue.


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