Sept. 10 - Another Chance in Philly to End the War

Win Without War, Penn Faculty & Staff Against War, and Penn Action invite you to partipate in a

Philadelphia Town Hall Meeting

Exiting Iraq: Military Experts Speak Out
"Bring Our Troops Home"

7:00 pm, Monday, September 10th

17 Logan Hall, University of Pennsylvania
249 S. 36th Street, Philadelphia

On the eve of General Petraeus' report to the US Senate on the status of the surge in Iraq, join three internationally known military experts discussing why it is necessary for the United States to bring our troops home from Iraq quickly and safely.  [Information on speakers below]  After their presentations, these experts will lead a discussion on steps you can take to help end this war.

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Take Action in PA Against the War

If you've seen this post at Firedoglake or were lucky enough to be at the Coffee with the Troops discussion in person, then you know that the vets on the panel asked us all to get out and be part of the movement that is trying end this war.  

If you live near Reading, PA, or near Philly, you'll have a great chance to do exactly that this Tuesday, August 28th at 6PM.  

Please come out and be part of national Take a Stand Day.

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Tell Specter: No More

PA Action, in partnership with Vote Vets, Move On, Lower Bucks for Democracy, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq and the SEIU wil be holding a press conference today in front of Sen. Specter's Philadelphia office.   The topic will be opposition to escalating the war in Iraq and our demand that Sen. Specter stops filibustering the troops already in harm's way and denying the American people the Iraq War debate they deserve and have long been denied.   

If you can't get to Philly, you can participate by sending a fax along those lines to Sen. Specter's office between 11:00 AM and noon.  Sen. Specter's contact info is:

        Tel: 215-597-7200

        Fax: 215-597-0406

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Don't Believe the Industry Part D Hype

Mike Leavitt got an op-ed published in the WaPo today confusing the issue of reforming Medicare Part D.  I'm cross posting here because  fixing Part D is something that's become near and dear to my heart personally and professionally. I work for a company that did some lobbying to reform Part D and is currently supporting the economic planks of the 100 Hour Agenda, which includes minor Part D reform.  But beyond that, it drives me crazy that it was passed in the first place and I can't abide the lies that get told about it to keep it in place.

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Make Difference in the 110th Congress Before it Even Starts

Click on the Change America Now icon above and send a CANgram to your Member of Congress.   You can be part of the national roll-out of support for the four economic planks of the 100-Hour Agenda by getting your Congressperson to help pass them as quickly as possible when the 110th Congress hits D.C.

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Opportunity to Make a Big Difference on Nov. 7

Do you live in a deep-Red county with no hope of change?  Is your county going Blue with or without you?   Don't feel left out.  We need your help in three of the hottest counties in nation.  From the comfort of your home, you can pick up the phone and make two hours of calls using a web-based dialer program.  On November 8, you'll be able to say that you helped bring change to Bucks, Chester and Delaware Counties in suburban PA.  

PA Action is working with US Action and Women's Votes to get likely progressive female voters to the polls on November 7th.

The field plan involves direct mail and an intense canvassing plan as well as at least one contact by phone.  If we can get 375 people around the country to make two hours of calls (about 150 calls), that will free up 750 volunteer hours for us and we can focus on the face-to-face contacts and the last three days of dragging people out.

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Help Bring Real Change to the Philly Suburbs and the Country

PA Action, working with Women's Voices Women's Votes and US Action, is working a non-partisan campaign on the phones and on the ground to turnout likely progressive female voters this election.   You've probably read about WVWV here at MyDD. As Matt said in that post:

Right-wingers have two giant fears.  The first is if evangelicals stop voting, as they did from the 1920s until the late 1970s.  The second is if single women start voting.

That second part is our plan and you can help from the comfort and convenience of your home.  We need four hundred people to each call one hundred names on our list.  That's about two hours of work per person.  Trust me, it goes by more quickly than you may imagine.  The script is short and direct.  The focus voters are people we need to get to the polls if we want to see some change in the direction this country.

Please make the jump and find out how you can spend a couple of hours helping to get this country back on track.

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Chaining Yourself to Your Opponent's Campaign Office is Also a Good Way to Get Press

I don't know what happened in the Fitzpatrick (PA-08) campaign this morning allowing a decision to be made that sent the congressman's chief of staff, Mike Conallen, dialing into a press conference call featuring Patrick Murphy and Senator John Kerry with the apparent intention of derailing it.     You may have read the story already.  I've got the partial transcript of the call.

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Time to Start Pressing

"If you are caught in that donut hole you will be disappointed and start pressing your members of Congress to do something about it."

That bit of advice was given two years ago by Gail Wilensky, PhD, a health analyst with Project HOPE, a former Medicare administrator who also advised President Bush during the 2000 presidential campaign.

Dr. Wilensky was right.  And now is the time for all of us in Bucks County, PA to show up on July 29 to tell our congressman, Mike Fitzpatrick (R), that we want to see Part D fixed today.

And it's not just the Donut Hole we want fixed.  PA Action, the sponsor of the event, wants the following sensible fixes made to Part D:

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8 Days Until Medicare D-Day on Medicare's B-Day

The Lobby Day to fix Medicare Part D at Rep. Fitzpatrick's Oxford Valley Mall office is, of course, about asking the congressman to make specific fixes to the disastrous prescription drug program.  But it's also a celebration.

On Saturday, at 9:15AM, we'll be celebrating Medicare's 41st birthday.  Over those four decades Medicare has been the model of efficiency:

... The typical private health insurer spends about 10 percent of its outlays on administrative costs, including lavish salaries, extensive marketing budgets, and the expense of weeding out sick people. Medicare spends about 2 percent to 3 percent. And Social Security spends just 1 percent. Even low-cost mutual funds have operating costs greater than that.

That was before Part D, with its built-in sops to the big-donor insurance and pharmaceutical industries came online.  But setting that horrible plan aside, the ideal and the reality of Medicare deserves to be celebrated.  So celebrate we will.

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