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    She has got to stop reacting to Obama and trying to find cutsie word twists to out clever him - she is not capable of doing that.  She needs to explain why her health care plan is better, why her foreign policy is better, what she learned from watching her husband make mistakes (NAFTA), what she learned from watching him do something right (EITC).  She's always on the defense now and she's very very bad at it.

    Not a single one of her consultants and senior strategtists should ever work in politics again.

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    this idea that he's some sort of saviour is what scares me the most about the idea of an Obama presidency.  Of course we'll need to worry about fast track with President Obama.  We'll need to worry about all the same stuff with President Obama.  He's going to need to be pressured from the left to do the right thing every day he's in office.  My great fear is that the left will figure they've got a champion in office and go to sleep for eight years - like they did during the Clinton presidency.  We don't need another one of those.

    Obama is a corporate, centrist Dem, just like Hillary.  Good for him. Good for her.   It's up to us to move whoever gets elected to the side of the American worker.  It will be a full time job.

  • Good marketing point.  It's nonsense, of course, but you're absolutely right about how to frame it.

  • I'd like to see PA be among the country's leading states in renewable energy industrial development.  I think it's our best shot at regaining a manufacturing base.

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    What do you see the 21st Century economy driven by?  What sort of help can the PA-03 most use to get there?  What advantages does it already have?

  • Fantastic.  I'm organizing the one in Reading.  It's going to be so good.  

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    And - are you going to be here tonight:

    Take A Stand Town Hall - 1 miles away
    Frontier Park
    27 registered participant(s) (2000 maximum)
    Corner Of 8th Street & Bayfront Parkway
    Erie, PA 16502

    Our Take A Stand Town Hall and Stand Up Vigil is part of a nation-wide organizing drive to demand that members of Congress and the Senate take a stand with the vast majority of Americans who want a safe and responsible redeployment of American Forces from Iraq.

    Our event will include great speakers like Iraq war veterans and their families and a showing of our Take A Stand video highlighting the local anti-war organizing efforts from this past summer. Our event will be followed by a Stand Up Vigil.
    The event location is handicap accessible. Free parking is also available.

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    What's the biggest issue facing the Pa-03?  

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    I know Mike Waltner and have had the pleasure to work with him on a few projects -  one big, one small.  He would make an excellent candidate for the sort of love Darcy Burner is getting.   He's not kidding when he says this:

    I believe that the Democratic Party, at its best, stands for progressive values. I am a Democrat because I believe in the principles of this party and the people those principles exist to serve.  My grandmother was a dyed-in-the wool Democrat: she believed in helping people out when they fell on hard times; she believed in shared sacrifice and hard work and that we all should pitch in to improve our own communities and the country as a whole.  My loyalty to this party is a loyalty to these principles.

    If you want more and better Dems, Mike's your guy in the PA-03.

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    I agree that an actual impeachment would be better for the bad guys than it would be for the good guys but the movement to impeach is very valuable since it moves the window, which is something that the good guys couldn't possibly be worse at doing and which the bad guys have perfected.    

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    I'm going to call him David as if he is a fully functional adult male.

    Ah, you and Mike Piazza think alike - he would only call Chipper Jones by his fully-functioning-adult-male name, "Larry."  

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    Sounds like UCC church I go to in Levittown - without the profanity in the sermons.

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    It's especially frustrating b/c we're such a wind-rich country.  

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    I'm with this group.  If she were special in any way other than being a good politician, who can win people over with her magnetism - if she weren't a hawk in at least de facto service to the oil industry - if she were a real progressive - if she didn't practically promise to revive all that third way nonsense that helped get us where we are today - I might consider her.  But given that she's the opposite of all of that, I'll take a pass on her - even if she is really smart.

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    No such thing as a last hope.


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