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    The format of this event allowed Palin to avoid humilation because there was no follow up questions. Katie Couric always got her on the follow up. Specifically, what newspapers do you read. Specifically, what Supreme court decision do you disagree with. Specifically, how does Alaska being close to Russia prepare you for being the President.

    In this format, Palin could spout anything she wanted. She did not have to answer the questions. Many times while she talked, I found myself having no idea what she was talking about and what the question was.

    Joe Biden, on the other hand, talked in complete sentences and had your complete attention with his ideas. He was very easy to follow and you learned things when he talked. I was very impressed by him.  I would go so far to say Joe is a better debater than McCain or Obama.

  • Hilarious!

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    Whatever the Democrats want, they should be able to get in 3 months, god willing, when Obama is President.

    This bailout is something that definitely had to be done. It had to be done for the good of the nation. It is not something that Bush wanted to do. He would have hid it until after the election if he could have.

    The Republican party lost a lot from this. This event could wipe them out in November.  Just a few weeks ago, I was agonizing about why McCain was doing so well. Now it is looking really good for Obama.  This event exposed McCain as too erratic to be President and exposed the Republican philosophy to government as a sham.  So cheer up, things will get better once we get a real President to lead the country.

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    Anything Obama would try to add would instantly politicize this bill and make it less likely to pass.

    Obama is smart enough to know that he is not the President. We only have one President at a time. This is Bush's job to fix.  To interject himself into this crisis will not help and looks disingenous.

    This bill needed to pass. Banks need to be saved because they serve a purpose for the good of the nation. To say to hell with all the banks is crazy.  

    As an analogy,say the banks are your rich next door neighbor whom you despise. Let's say they were rich because they had a meth lab and it suddenly exploded, burning down their mansion. You watch and see if the flames die down or becomes an inferno about to engulf the entire town. Well, it is becoming an inferno, so the time is to try to put it out. Yes, the Fed and Treasury should have planned more, but they are the firemen in this scenario and you have to follow their lead.

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    The debate convinced me that McCain would NOT be a third term for Bush. He would be a third term for Dick Cheney. McCain's refusal to look at Obama and attempts to belittle him shows me that his management style would be like a General, Emperor or Dick Cheney.  For McCain to win, he needed to use humor and show some personality, however all he did was show that he was a Dick.

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    Hillary is definitely ready to be President and though I was for Obama in the primaries, I would not have minded him picking Hillary. However, here are some theories:

    1) Being Overshadowed- Having Hillary and Bill on the ticket would overshadow Obama and lend credit to all the attacks made on him that he was inexperienced. Attacks may I add that were made by Hillary.

    2) Hillary's Negatives-  Obama perhaps thought he had the base locked up. Perhaps Hillary polls really negative with independents and he did not think it would help to have her on the campaign.

    3) He's just not into her- Maybe they just don't mesh on a personal level. He feels more comfortable with Biden and chose someone he felt he could work with. Also Biden does have really good foreign policy experience. Much more than Hillary.

    4) Palin, WTF?  Who knew that this absolute pander of a VP pick by McCain would actually be a positive. With all the lying and hiding done by Palin, how come the American people love her? It makes no sense.

    There were many reasons not to pick Hillary. The real story is why are people so ga-ga over Palin. That is the real head scratcher. I guess issues don't matter anymore.

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    You may not like Obama's pick for VP, but do you like McCain's? McCain's pick was horrible. He picked someone solely for political benefit and not as someone who could help him govern.

    I am surprised that people like Palin so much. She is a women, but believes the absolute opposite of Hillary. Palin lies about her record and has yet to speak to any reporter. She is totally unqualified to be VP or president.

    The people who Palin/McCain are peeling off are the people who don't care about issues.

    I am disappointed with the American electorate who care more about personality than the issues.  

    Obama's ideas are very close to that of Clinton's.  If you care for issues, vote for Obama.

  • Carly Fiorina was the CEO of HP from 1999 to 2005. She had no background in technology. Her background was in marketing. Her biggest accomplishment was probably laying off a lot of employees, something that arguably had to be done. However,like many marketing executives  who try to run technology companies, she was not very successful.

    Carly's reign at HP was bad for the stockholders. When she  was CEO in 1999, HP stock was about $50. When she left in 2005, HP stock was about $20, where it had been languishing for about 3 years since the dot com bust. Since Carly left, HP has become profitable again and is back at $50.

    I view Carly like Sarah Palin. She has a strong personality and does well in press conferences, but she does not  have sufficient expertise or leadership to pull a company/country out of the mud.

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    If they weren't mad before, all the republicans should be furious with McCain for this senseless VP pick.  I feel bad for the Republicans who are tasked to defend this pick. It's not their fault McCain picked this person.

    How much easier for the Republicans would it have been if McCain had picked Romney . If McCain wanted to kowtow to his base, he should have gone with Huckabee.  These are solid VP choices. No surprise. Plain vanilla. Romney and Huckabee will not screw up a debate. They have already gone through all the questions before.  Once chosen, it would be over in a day and life would go on.

    Now you have this VP pick in Palin that adds all this drama that just don't belong in presidential politics.

  • Does this mean all Christians are Jews too?

  • It's tougher than it looks to pander. Especially if you want to pander to evangelicals and women at the McSame time. I'm sure when he made the decision it made sense. However, the big problem is, Palin is unfit to be president. It is mind boggling that he chose this women. The people who think Palin is fit to be President were not going to vote for Obama or any Democrat anyway.

    John McCain will lose because he no longer has any values.

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    John McCain is running for President based off of his 2000 campaign.  He is no longer that man. Life and Washington has beat him down. Back in 2000, if you can imagine, people actually respected him as an honest guy and a maverick.  

    Since then, he has backed away from all his core beliefs. The point in which you knew he had  finally turned to the dark side was when he voted for the torture bill that let Bush determine what torture was.

    How can anyone vote for this guy?  

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    Clinton helped Obama a lot. Obama is no longer a rookie thanks to her. Obama backed Rev. Wright and for his trouble Rev. Wright stabbed him in the back. He can only hope Rev. Wright stays quiet until after the general election.   He distances himself from Wes Clark because he has no idea what Wes will say next.

    Clinton had lukewarm responses to Geraldine Ferraro's racially charged attacks on Obama and I don't think that helped her.  Eventually, Clinton had to distance herself from Ferraro, but the damage to her reputation was done.  

    Obama does not need to court the vote of progressives and liberals. He already has them. A vote for McCain is a vote for more Iraq and a conservative supreme court for the rest of your lifetime. He has pragmatically decided to move to the center. Whether that helps him or not, we shall see.

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    I don't know, ignoring that Obama exists is about as close to a cheap shot as Jerome can do with Hillary conceding.  Come on, the Democrats have come up with their nominee and the only thing he writes about is the Prime Minister of Kuala Lumpar's blog? That's just weird.  

  • I don't buy this notion that she wants her concession speech to be her moment alone. I mean, it is a concession speech! This is something you want to spit out and then go on your way.

    Tonight was the night to give the concession speech. You give the concession speech when you lose. It was official tonight. Obama is the Democratic nominee. You may not like it, but you put a smile on and give your full support to your party.

    This should have been Obama's night. We should not be focused on  Hillary. It is a historic night. Hillary basically blew it by not recognizing his victory.


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