• I'll tell you, as an Arizonan and an employee at one of the state universities, it's going to get ugly. Not only is the state legislature led by Republicans, but they are the yahoo types who hate public education, love guns, and think taxes should be cut low enough to not offer any services.

    I think Napolitano will make a great leader at Homeland Security. I don't begrudge her leaving. I just dread what is about to hit this state. I can only hope that Obama helps out the states enough to counteract what the Arizona yahoos are going to do.

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    A poll came out yesterday in New Mexico with Obama leading 48 to 42.The link is here: http://haussamen.blogspot.com/2008/02/ob ama-leads-clinton-in-new-nm-poll.html

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    Thanks for letting me know that I made a difference. As for the 3000 bucks? Let me THANK YOU!  You made a difference!  Hey, take my thanks, 'cause that's all you're gonna get. I'm from the poorer wing of the Democratic Party. ;-)

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    Oh my, I may be that person. Were you in Flagstaff? If so, was it when you saw Dean at the Dem party picnic?  I was on the team that organized that visit. I don't know how many fliers I handed out, but there were tons.  I posted that day about the visit at the DFA site.  Any chance that's how I helped fuel your love for Dean? ;-)

    I was on such a high that day. I got to ride with Dean back to the airport.

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    I'm with you -- Gore gets my support if he runs. Otherwise, Edwards is currently my first choice, but I'm not committed to him yet.

    It's going to be difficult this round. I fell in love with Dean and all he stood for in early 2003. I doubt I'll find that same excitement with any of the expected candidates.  That's why I hope Gore runs -- I'll be enthused in my support for him. The rest don't do it for me. As time goes on my support for Edwards may firm up or another candidate may sweet talk me into supporting them.

    Of course, I wouldn't be unhappy if I sit out the primaries and just support the final candidate. It would be much better for my emotional health. I was devastated at what happened with Dean.  Can I go through that again?

  • My thoughts too.  What was once a sure thing for Hastert is now a little scarier.  Good.

  • AZ-01 has me thrilled. After the primary Simon was only 13 points behind in a poll, which showed it a possibility that she could move closer, but having a 4 point lead at this point is wonderful. I hope Rick Renzi is sweating over this.

  • I've just become a pessimist. Chris is right - my hopes have been dashed too many times. I don't want to start celebrating on that Tuesday night until all the results are in and there is a reason to celebrate.

    I don't want to give the Republicans any extra-magical abilities for winning elections, but they do seem to come through time and again. Gerrymandering, great GOTV, firing up their base and damping down ours, and possibly finding ways to rig an election foil my desires every two years. Hmmm...I want my desires met for a change, is that selfish? It's sort of like my love life now - hey, I hope I find love with a great guy, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll only be disappointed and out of breath.

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    This is strange. Instead or reading a post by Chris I'm listening to him talk. Yes, very strange.

  • Actually (god, I can't believe I'm saying this), Renzi comes off a smidgeon smarter than Hayworth. Not that that's saying much. Hayworth is just publicly obnoxious while Renzi does his worst behind the scenes.  

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    Wasn't there a recent poll that indicated Hayworth would lose against Mitchell or another local politician (can't recall his name right now).

    I'd love to see Hayworth lose.  He used to represent Flagstaff too and it made me cringe when I knew that the blowhard was representing me.

  • Fred Willard as DeLay.  Perfect.  Willard is a genius at improv.  I can imagine the fun he'd have staying in character and riffing on his legal situation.  Hilarity ensues!

  • I live in Flagstaff where this ad appeared.  We already have a Wal-Mart here, so we weren't fighting Wal-Mart alone, but any huge-sized store.  We aren't a big city with lots of available land (lots of forest land around town) and many of us believe there should be size limits.
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    I agree.  It's a great way to announce results.  I also like the way the ballots are just...ooh, what's the right word...oh, yes, COUNTED.  Then every candidate are all equals as they stand on stage to hear the results.  

    It's a lot more exciting than watching different reporters doing mind-numbing reports from different hotel ballrooms, where the candidates will eventually show up for a celebration or a wake.

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    Oh shoot. I created a page and sent out emails to everyone I know here in...Arizona.  I also wonder what the deal is.  

    We have a big-box ordinance vote in Flagstaff this month. Something's happening down in the East Valley (Phoenix area).  We want to get the word out on this.


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