Fitzpatrick gets a D- on the Environment

As Chris Bowers elegantly wrote last year, Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08) is really a hard line, right wing conservative, who parades around as a moderate based on his supposed great environmental record.  Well Mike's house of cards came tumbling down today as Fitzpatrick got a D- from the League of Conservation Voters.

Check out these votes by the supposed "environmentalist:"

Fitzpatrick voted to fundamentally rewrite our national mining policy by ending a decade-long congressional ban on the sale of public lands to mining companies. These lands, which are currently used for recreation, wildlife, fisheries or regional drinking water, could now be sold without public input or environmental review, and Americans who now enjoy them could see them privatized and closed. The lands could even be used for real estate development or other purposes. Roll Call # 601. Even Roll Call noted that this vote would be huge in the midterms.  "Environment May Resonate as an Issue in Some 2006 Races" (subscription only).

Fitzpatrick voted for CAFTA, but only after an ENORMOUS FLIP-FLOP. Roll Call # 443. See also here, here, and here.

Fitzpatrick voted for a conference report that would have allowed drilling in ANWR. Roll Call # 149.

Fitzpatrick voted against requiring federal agencies to identify the environmental impacts of their programs on minority and low-income populations and to develop policies for implementing their programs in a nondiscriminatory manner. Roll Call # 130.

Fitzpatrick voted to cut discretionary spending on the environment and natural resources by $2.85 billion, more than 9 percent below the previous year's levels. By 2010, funding levels for these programs would be 21 percent below the level needed to maintain current activities. Among the hardest hit are the Land and Water Conservation Fund, as well as programs to invest in clean water infrastructure, protect oceans and coasts, and conserve agricultural lands. The resolution also allowed the Arctic Refuge to be opened up for drilling through a fast track budget reconciliation bill. Roll Call # 88.

Fitzpatrick voted to waive any federal or state law in building roads, walls, fences and other barriers along U.S. borders. In addition to jeopardizing a wide array of protected federal lands, the waiver provision would deny citizens the right to appeal. Roll Call # 29.

As Bowers also noted:

Fitzpatrick voted against punishing energy companies who defraud the public by overcharging for electricity and gas.  Roll Call # 123.

Fitzpatrick voted against greater investment in cleaner energy. Roll Call # 118.

Fitzpatrick voted against including alternative fuels in our strategic energy reserve.  Roll Call # 116.

When Fitzpatrick starts running his Jack Abramoff, corporate lobbyist funded ads touting his environmental record, just keep in mind these votes.

Environmentalists need to get behind Patrick Murphy,a candidate who will pay more than lip service to alternative energy and the environment.

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Re: Fitzpatrick gets a D- on the Environment

Fitzpatrick has also taken enormous amounts of money from notorious anti-environmentalists, like Reps. Pombo ( and Young (

Lately, he's been sending out mail to constituents (serious abuse of the franking privledge) full of happy little trees, saying he's so GOOD on the environment.  What a fraud.

by dharma bum 2006-02-22 07:18AM | 0 recs


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