Why Romney's Ad Move Is Smart

As I'm sure you've all seen by now Mitt Romney has an ad that's going up in the early states.

The ad is up on youtube at:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTiOLGtiE PQ

From a marketing perspective this is very smart, jump below with me to find out why!

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IL-6 - Thoughts On Chris's Pessisimisn for 2006

I understand where Chris is coming from.  The results from IL-6 can be dissapointing when looked at as a defeat for the grassroots campaign model and the DC/Media model.

However, it can also be looked at from another angle.  An effective campaign needs ALL elements within it, and if, of course a big if, the Democrats can unite, winning campaigns can be run.

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NY 19 - Hall on Page 2 of the NY Post!!

John Hall continues to attrack huge press attention to the campaign in the 19th District.  This ability will be a HUGE asset in defeating Sue Kelly.

Yeseterday he was on page 2 of the NY Post
http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/ 62726.htm

The story was then picked up by UPI and went nationwide!
http://washingtontimes.com/upi/20060201- 042515-6048r.htm

Please sign up to volunteer and get camapaign updates at:

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NY-19 - John Hall Stands With Unions and Students

John Hall, a 35 year member of two unions (AF of M and AFTRA) joined in solidarity with CSEA, SEIU, Planned Parenthood and students in a press conference outside Sue Kelly's Office, calling on her to oppose cuts to Medicaid and student loans.

Below is Hall's statement:

"I would never dump the tax breaks for corporations and the top 1% onto the backs of students and the sick.

In Congress I will be a voice for people of the district and fight for their interests, not the special interests.

On a day where ExxonMobil again announces record profits, I oppose the $40 billion in budget cuts to student loans, Medicaid, Medicare, Child Support Enforcement, Foster Care and Supplemental Security Income."


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NY-19 Hall Slams Kelly's Endorsement of Blunt

Meet Sue's New Boss, Same as the Old Boss
Contact: Edward Vale - 631-334-8191 (cell)

(Dover Plains, NY): Sue Kelly continued her lock step allegiance to the culture of corruption over the people of the 19th District by endorsing political boss Roy Blunt for Republican Majority Leader.1

John Hall, a Democrat who is running to take Kelly's seat in New York's 19th District said, "This supposed change of leadership is outrageous; it's time to clean house and give the people of the district a real voice in Congress. I will stand up for clean elections. I will fight for campaign finance reform. I will fight to reform lobbying laws. As usual Sue is missing in action on these issues."

Sue already has accepted and refused to return over $12,000 from Delay. She has voted with him 90% of the time. She even voted to change the House rules so Delay would not have to resign if indicted.2

Sue then flip-flopped on her vote and Delay was forced to resign his post after being indicted; Sue of course kept the money.

But Sue did not let indictments stand in the way of the culture of corruption, she now supports Roy Blunt, who is Delay's hand-picked successor and shares all his connections to the underbelly of the lobbying world.

The long and sordid connections between Delay, Blunt, Abramoff and other lobbyists is well documented in the attached research memo (after the jump).


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NY 19 - Beacon Debate Results

Was in error about having permission to post debate results, hence, they've been taking down.

NY 19 - Staff Hires

Although only in the race for a couple weeks the Hall campaign is going full steam!

We are announcing a top-notch group of staff, consultants and policy advisors that are going to run a succesfull campaign to 'Redefine National Security.'

The experience and size of the staff show that Hall has a true commitment to winning this race and the resources to build a campaign structure and grassroots network throughout the district.

The full list can be viewed here:

You will also find staff with experience from netroots favorites including Paul Wellstone and Ginny Schrader.

Please do your part to help and sign up to volunteer and get our email updates!!


NY 19 - Kelly Attacks Eliot Spitzer!?

In today's NYT's, Sue Kelly joined in the republican smear campaign against Eliot Spitzer.


Why was she upset?  Because Spitzer stood up to her and opposed legislation she supported that would have protected white collar criminals and hurt the people of the district.

Democrats must stand up and fight these tactics!  John Hall is a progressive Democrat and will always be proud and fight back!

He issued the following statement:

"On the same day that Sue's political boss Tom Delay is under indictment and resigning as majority leader, it is outrageous that she would level these baseless attacks against Eliot Spitzer."

Hall continued, "Spitzer has boldly stood up and fought white collar crime, protecting the people of the 19th district. Sue Kelly has done the opposite and puts special interests before the district and supports legislation that would hamper investigations of white collar crimes."

Hall concluded, "Instead of Sue Kelly attacking a dedicated public servant, maybe she should get to work returning Tom Delay's tainted campaign contributions."


NY 19 - Last Night With JIM DEAN!!

Interesting story from last nights Westchester DFA Meetup...

Jim Dean from DFA spoke, brilliantly, about the neccesity for grassroots organizing and challenging as many races as we can.  It was very inspirational.  

Before his speech John Hall and I went up to introduce ourselves.  As he shook John's hand, Dean got a suprised look on his face.  Then exitedly asked, wait, you're not THE John Hall are you?  He then asked John for his autograph!!

He said he's interested in the race and in beating Sue Kelly!

Learn more about why John's past made Jim Dean want an autograph at:

DISCLAIMER - Jim Dean, DFA, and Westchester DFA HAVE NOT yet endorsed any candidates in the race, just an interesting anecdote I thought you might enjoy.

John Hall Announces For Congress in NY 19!!

John Hall is running for Congress in NY 19.

After many postings, and several embarassing car pictures of my dirty car during the Schrader campaign, I'm now proud to announce that I have joined John Hall's campaign.


John is running on a platform of redefining National Security to ensure the needs of all Americans are protected.  He is a proud, progressive Democrat and we have much more information on his policy positions on our website.


John's announcement has already been picked up on the AP wire, and includes the story most of you will remember of his tangles with the Bush campaign!

http://www.newsday.com/news/local/wire/newyork/ny-bc-ny--congress-challeng1129nov29,0,7105655.story? coll=ny-region-apnewyork

This district is becoming more competetive as a local paper just wrote on the 17th.


You all know the drill, please visit our website and sign up for our email list and make a contribution because you know how important early money is!


Please also post with any comments or suggestions and we look forward to an ongoing conversation with this community!

Edward Vale
Campaign Manager
John Hall For Congress


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