IL-6 - Thoughts On Chris's Pessisimisn for 2006

I understand where Chris is coming from.  The results from IL-6 can be dissapointing when looked at as a defeat for the grassroots campaign model and the DC/Media model.

However, it can also be looked at from another angle.  An effective campaign needs ALL elements within it, and if, of course a big if, the Democrats can unite, winning campaigns can be run.

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I came into politics from a field background and I believe it is the heart and soul of any campaign.  Direct grassroots support is the most effective way to energize your supporters, move voters and turn out voters on election day.

But, if this was all that was needed to win, campaigns wouldn't spend time chasing endorsements and running media campaigns.  While the field is the base of the pyramid, it cannot be a complete structure without an effective media, coalition and endorsement plan on top of it.

Campaigns get endorsements and media because they work, although how much is always shifting and changing depending on the district and race.  Endorsements bring money and supporters.  Media is essential to any campaign, and not being able to break into it is one of the main reasons insurgent campaigns fail.

But if this is all you have the campaign has no base behind it, no soul.  No canvassing in conjunction with your media makes it less effective.  Not having tasks for endorsing groups and volunteers causes you to lose support.  Not having an effective GOTV campaign causes the voters you reached with your media and endorsements not to turn out.

In short, a winning campaign is the sum of ALL these parts.

It is harder to achieve this unity in a primary, especially when you've the model of a DC candidate versus a local favorite.  However, when the primary is over it's essential to unite these varying elements to focus on the most important thing, beating the Republican candidate.  

If the different factions do not unite it is simple, you lose, no ifs ands or buts.  You'll get the usual Democratic circling of the wagons where we all start shooting each other instead of our oponents.

Should DCCC, Emanuel etc. reach out to all the local supporters, YES!  But if they don't, are you going to suck it up, get back to work and win or sit at home and pout and lose?  

I know I will be out there on the front line, hope you will be too...

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Bless you. You speaketh wisdom.

This is the most sane, sober, and succinct analysis of the situation I have seen on this since all of the junior high school students started throwing mudpies.

by Michael Bersin 2006-03-23 04:35PM | 0 recs
Hear Hear

by molly bloom 2006-03-24 02:27AM | 0 recs
Re: IL-6 - Thoughts On Chris's Pessisimisn for 200

Well said.

I'm still waiting for Cegelis to have a major media event with her arms around Duckworth pledging her full support for the General election.

When that comes then I'll know she's got her heart in the right place.

by BigDog 2006-03-25 10:35AM | 0 recs
Re: IL-6 - Thoughts On Chris's Pessisimisn for 200

If DCCC, Emanuel etc. doesn't reach out to all the local supporters "are you going to suck it up, get back to work and win or sit at home and pout and lose?"

  Exactly what Emanual planned for us to do, suck it up and get to work for HIM.  No thanks. The question you must ask yourself now is how do we get a Progressive agenda implemented in this country?  By supporting the current Democratic leadership who constantly reject and undermine progressive candidates and issues?  Or by working to defeat that leadership and replacing it with progressive leadership?  Please tell me.  

by Billb08 2006-03-27 04:20PM | 0 recs


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