Moving Away from Oil

According to Amory Lovins, founder and CEO of Rocky Mountain Institute,
many armed forces leaders in the Pentagon wish to eliminate our dependence on oil. In an interview with Charlie Rose he details how we can follow business logic concerning alternative fuels to profit and move away from oil (you can view the Charlie Rose interview by clicking here).

According to, the U.S. has spent over $345 billion in funding the war in Iraq. (A running total of the war can be seen here).
If we spent a little more (52%) than half that money, we could be completely energy independent, while creating 1 million new jobs and retaining an additional million, in less than 50 years. Mr. Lovins believes that by investing $180 billion we can become reliant on biofuels and refit current modes of transportation (cars, trucks, planes, etc.) to triple their efficiency, allowing us to net $70 billion a year in profit by 2025, and becoming energy independent by 2050.

70% of the oil we consume is used to power our modes of transportation. The technology necessary to triple our transportation vehicle's efficiency and no longer be reliant on oil exists. It exists today, and we should begin to move toward it. We no longer need to send our children half way around the world to protect a dwindling energy source. We should continue pressuring decision-makers to move towards cleaner and more fuel efficient technologies, making us more self-reliant and ensuring a safer and healthier future.

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