100 Reasons to vote for Hillary

Reason #1 to support Hillary: 
In Arkansas she was instrumental in straightening out their school system - taking it from one of the worst systems to a role model used by other troubled schools on how to improve public education.

Reason #2 to support Hillary: 
In 2006, she led the fight to kill the anti-gay Republican constitutional amendment that for the first time would have added laws to the Constitution that would INCREASE discrimination.

Reason #3 to support Hillary: 
After being pummeled by the public for trying to pass Universal Health care while she was First Lady, she dusted herself off and in 1997, led a federal effort that provided insurance support for children whose parents were unable to provide them with health coverage.

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Angry at Sexism and Misogyny in Election

I know I speak for many people when I say I am so angry and frustrated with all the sexism and misogyny of this presidential campaign. It is horrible the way a woman candidate running for president is being treated by the media, by Obama supporters, and by Wingnuts. It is ugly and it is unforgivable.

Judith Timson has a good piece on this in the Globe and Mail:

A glaring double standard

For every 'presidential' and 'charismatic' bestowed on Barack Obama, there are 10 adjectives commentators have used to put down the way Hillary Clinton dresses, talks and emotes. Call this what it is - blatant sexism

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Obama Bubble

Der Spiegel, the German magazine, has an excellent article comparing Obama's rise to rise of the dot.coms.

"The rise of democratic frontrunner Barack Obama signifies an alarming victory of style over substance. Not unlike the dot-com hype, his campaign promises more than he can deliver. The one thing his voters can count on is that they will ultimately be disappointed."

Here is the full article: http://www.spiegel.de/international/worl d/0,1518,536232,00.html.

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Please Send Your Favorite Hillary Accomplishments

Dear MyDD Community,

I am writing up a piece on Hillary for some nonpolitical friends and would like to hear what your favorite HIllary accomplishments are.

Please Obama supporters do not send nasty comments. This is a positive diary. I would be glad to hear about Obama accomplishments, too.

Thank you for the assistance.

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Petition to address women's issues and sexism in the media at debates

There is a petition to address women's issues and sexism in the media in the presidential debates. From a comment on Taylor Marshes blog:

It was inevitable that race and gender would collide in the Democratic primaries. MSNBC has bent over backward not to do or say anything with any hint of racism, which can't be said about their treatment of Hillary Clinton and gender. I would not have believed the open misogyny displayed by MSNBC commentators such as Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson, and tolerated by NBC leadership, without seeing it on display nightly. Apparently it's not race trumping gender for the media, but male trumping female. I am a 66 year old male, and I am appalled and disgusted.

Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. We are trying to reach 1000 signatures - please sign here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/5/preside ntial-debate---womens-issues-and-sexism- in-the-media-coverage-of-the-2008-electi on

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Bill Press on David Shuster and Media Bias Against Hillary

Bill Press has an excellent piece on David Shuster's comment. Bill was there. He also talks about the media bias against Hillary and it's infatuation with Obama and McCain.

Check it out:
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-press /caught-in-the-middle-of-d_b_85832.html

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MSNBC has long history of sexist/misogynistic remarks

David Brock at Media Matters has an excellent piece about MSNBC's pattern of sexist/misogynistic remarks.

Here's the link: http://mediamatters.org/items/2008020800 12?f=h_top

This is very troubling. Something needs to be done.

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Right Wing Preparing to attack Obama; Anti-Obama film coming

I found this on the NY Times blog:

A conservative group -- Citizens United -- that has produced a film now in distribution attacking Hillary Clinton called "Hillary, the Movie," has its sights set on a new target: Barack Obama.

Here's the link: http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/ 02/08/anti-obama-film-on-the-way/

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Hillary Reminds Me of Eli Manning

In this week of Supers--the Super Bowl, Super Tuesday--Hillary, the Senator from New York, reminds me of Eli Manning, the quarterback of the NY Giants.  They both calmly continued on with the game, focused on the goal, even though a favorable outcome seemed unlikely, even though they have faced the constant onslaught of the media.

Congratulations to both of you on your wins in this Super week! I find you inspiring.

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Obama Very Cozy with Nuclear-power and Coal Industries

Obama is tight with the nuclear power industry and coal. He has accepted $159,800 in contributions from executives and employees of Exelon, the nation's largest nuclear power-plant operator, for his presidential campaign as of late March 2007, and received notable support from Exelon in his previous political campaigns.

He wants FutureGen's "clean" coal-fired power plant in Illinois. The group doesn't count the energy used before and after the coal is burned. With net energy gain reduced by these processes, you're better off with wind and solar.

Plus he voted FOR Bush 2005 Energy Policy Act, a sweeping, oil-friendly energy bill that gave lots of presents to Bushes friend's in the oil industry. Environmentalist strong opposed it. Hillary voted AGAINST it.

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