• this is not just a sexism:
    American voters voted in 2000, 2004 and 2008 for the wrong guy proving that they are idiots choosing idiot after idiot.
    they will get another disaster (3rd in row) and they deserve it.
    O-disaster diff from W-disaster only by flavor: instead of GOP-stupidity they will get DEM-stupidity.
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    what is wrong with such choice?
    Tim Russert was idiot, anybody will be better than him. What is your complain?
    I don't watch NBC and MSNBC since 2007 anyway...
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    youngsters and blacks were used; lie was a tool.
    his cabinet is very telling of how much changes and what kind of changes are coming.
    i fully expect Hillary to challenge this liar in 2012.
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    your are not just confused, you are wrong but it is your duty to correct your mistakes, not mine...

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    where are promised changes?
    turned out they are lies - but many hillary supporters said it a very long time ago...
    so far i only see assignments of insiders, trained by clinton.
    plus i see gates staying @dod.
    plus i see NO sign to be true to obama's 2002 speech and i see NO serious attempt to withdrew from iraq ASAP.
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    SoS will prevent her to pay the debt of her 2008 campaign, which Obama promised to help with (he broke many promises already, this included!) and SoS (as Obama people hope) will prevent her to run in 2012.
    She does not need SoS.
    Her chances for 2012 are excellent now, since Obama broke all promises about "Change" and left of DEMs will accumulate a lot of disappointments soon - they deserved it.
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    because you did not think?

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    your ignorance about RBC crime on May 30 (RBC is DNC's Rules and By Laws Committee) is a good indicator. Even god will not help you if you choose to be ignorant; just remember that punishment will catch the crime (of course you capable of remembering)

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    he has ... a wrong plan?

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    she won in 2008, but it was stolen from her by RBC, DNC and supers, and i even not talking about caucuses which are crime by itself. And she won DESPITE all bad advise.

    And by the way it is crystal-clear of how big liar Obama is:
    all his BS about change end-up with cabinet full of Clinton's people but with wrong name on the top ticket.
    He even managed to preserve W's DoD chief. These lies will help her a  lot in 2012.
    She may work for SoS for a while but she will be back I hope in full swing for 2012 campaign.
    And do not forget that all those Obama-supporters already very upset with him braking all "Change" promises - this will cost Obama a lot in 2012 and it will big shssift to Hillary, because he will not deliver health care etc.

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    all I can say that Biden looks to me the only candidate among 4 people running for prez or VP who is actually Qualified to be a President.
    Biden won so much, that if I will be McCain, I will try to convince Palin to withdrew for family reason.
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    add to this worth possible scenario for CO2:
    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080925/ap_o n_sc/warming_emissions_2&printer=1

    Global warming pollution increases 3 percent By SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Writer
    Thu Sep 25, 2:05 PM ET

    Worldwide man-made emissions of carbon dioxide -- the main gas that causes global warming -- jumped 3 percent last year, international scientists said Thursday.

    That means the world is spewing more carbon dioxide than the worst case scenario forecast by a Nobel Prize-winning group of international scientists in 2007. Scientists said if the trend does not stop, it puts the world potentially on track for the highest predicted rises in temperature and sea level.

    The pollution leader was China, followed by the United States, which past data show is the leader in emissions per capita in carbon dioxide output. And while several developed countries slightly cut their CO2 output in 2007, the United States churned out more.

    Still, it was large increases in China, India and other developing countries that spurred the growth of carbon dioxide pollution to a record high of 9.34 billion tons of carbon (8.47 billion metric tons). Figures released by science agencies in the United States, Great Britain and Australia show that China's added emissions accounted for more than half of the worldwide increase. China passed the United States as the No. 1 carbon dioxide polluter in 2006.

    Emissions in the United States rose nearly 2 percent in 2007, after declining the previous year. The U.S. produced 1.75 billion tons of carbon (1.58 billion metric tons).

    Gregg Marland, a senior staff scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, said he was surprised at the results because he thought world emissions would drop because of the economic downturn. That didn't happen.

    "If we're going to do something (about reducing emissions), it's got to be different than what we're doing," he said.

    The emissions, which are based on data from oil giant BP PLC and look at the burning of fossil fuel and production of cement, show that China has become the major driver of world trends. China emitted 2 billion tons of carbon (1.8 billion metric tons) last year, up 7.5 percent from the previous year.

    "We're shipping jobs ashore from the U.S., but we're also shipping carbon dioxide emissions with them," Marland said. "China is making fertilizer and cement and steel and all of those are heavy energy-intensive industries."

    Developing countries not asked to reduce greenhouse gases by the 1997 Kyoto treaty -- and China and India are among them -- now account for 53 percent of carbon dioxide pollution. Developing countries surpassed industrialized ones in carbon dioxide emissions in 2005, a new analysis of older figures shows.

    India is in position to beat Russia for the No. 3 carbon dioxide polluter behind the United States, Marland said. Indonesia levels are increasing rapidly.

    Denmark's emissions dropped 8 percent. The United Kingdom and Germany reduced carbon dioxide pollution by 3 percent, while France and Australia cut it by 2 percent.

    What is "kind of scary" is that the worldwide emissions growth is beyond the highest growth in fossil fuel predicted just two years ago by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said Ben Santer, an atmospheric scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

    Under the panel's scenario then, temperatures would increase by somewhere between 4 and 11 degrees Fahrenheit (2.4 to 6.3 degrees Celsius) by the year 2100.

    "We do have control over what happens over the next several decades," Santer said. "This illustrates the importance of exercising that control."

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    i am not in AK, but since Hillary not on the ballot and Palin is on the ballot, I probably will vote for Nader or do not vote at all!
    I clearly see lipstick on Nader...
  • strongly disagree:
    I SAW her interview with ABC yesterday,
    and she is the bitch and the liar and very bad for America, based on what I know.
    Experience-wise she has a little more than Obama, close to nothing for a role she is nominated for.
    She has no respect from me, regardless of her gender.
    Again; i did not ask for anything but advise from diarist - see my original comment
    You can pick on me as much as you want, I do not care.
  • don't talk to me this way.
    I will do my way - and please don't tell me what to do - ever.
    I said what I said and I asked for advise from diarist and not from you...


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