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    Careful, Kerry is only polling 55% of the union vote. That's plenty of blue collar guys to vote for Bush's "protect America" stance.
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    Yeah, I keep wondering, what if Eminem started wandering 8 mile for the next few days? He ought to have as much an effect as Clinton. And we know he has the message right.
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    Bush has been to MI almost as many as those other states. Probably more than IA, MO, WI, or MN. So he has been working it for a while. I just think he didn't count on losing the Arab-American vote.
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    One more reason I don't expect the GOP to take MI.

    The R's think I'm a 3 (totally undecided), but they haven't done anything to GOTV with me. That's understandable, because I live in a very BLUE precinct (well, and I'm the D precinct delegate, so if they did their homework, they'd stop thinking I was a 3). But I've been asking friends in republican areas, and there hasn't been much GOTV. There was a good effort to ID voters in the summer. And lots of local GOTV paid by developers. But no apparent GOTV from the GOP national campaign.

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    Local radio just announced Kerry will be in Detroit on Saturday or Sunday.
  • That, plus the fact that Mitchell is crap. They've consistently shown a Bush lead, so this is actually trending kerry like everything else.

    But hey, if it gets us riled up here in MI, all the better. I'd like big big big numbers. Maybe we'll defeat Proposal 2.

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    Isn't the Georgia 2002 race an incredibly problematic one from which to draw generalizations about race and voting? At the very least, you need to factor for the flag iniative on the ballot. And there is always the very real possibility that African-Americans turned out in large numbers only to have their votes disappear into the Diebold ether.
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    I agree--the undecideds should be taken out to dinner. I had that thought when Edith Greene Waldholtz (R-UT) spent $5 per voter to win the SLC seat. She should have taken every voter out to lunch and either listened to us or tried to convince us.

    Of course the money was all funny money anyway, which we discovered  when her husband disappeared all of a sudden. But what do you expect.

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    I like the post.

    My only complaint is the wider meaning of the word avant-garde, the political one, that advocates a class of intellectuals who lead the proletariat to revolution. It is a distinctly hierarchical model of understanding human behavior. (This hierarchical notion is, of course, where the impression that avant-garde poetry is pretentious.)

    Obviously, the blogosphere doesn't abide by such a hierarchical model. There is no clear line between the leaders and the followers here.

    Just a connotation that I think it's worth considering.

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    I think you'd get an interesting lesson in turnout by comparing Wisconsin (which I believe had good turnout--couldn't get the link to work) and Michigan (which had crummy turnout, even though it offered online voting).

    MI came first. But about a week before the primary-caucus (it was basically a primary ran by the party), the party establishment started piling on the Kerry bandwagon for good. Meanwhile, the candidates pretty much blew the state off. Edwards didn't show up at all. Not sure about Clark. Kerry showed up once at an event open only to members of a few unions. Dean was campaigning, in anticipation of a scheduled NAACP debate on the Friday before the primary. But then everyone except Sharpton bagged on the debate, and Dean (not wanting to sit on a stage deflecting Sharpton's one-liners) bagged too. This entailed cancelling scheduled events. Sharpton did campaign, and did reasonably well in Detroit, as you'd expect.

    By contrast, even though WI came after MI, everyone still contested the election. People showed up to debate. People asked for voter's votes.

    I just think if you tell people that you couldn't care less to work for their vote, they're going to respond that they couldn't care less to show up to vote.


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