• Agreed. Some of us local politicos discussed a campaign to get him to switch after he was elected in 04. Pity we didn't try harder, then.

    I've talked to some other Dems, one of whom will run if Schwarz doesn't. But if Schwarz runs, consensus is he wins the primary and general. The biggest problem is Schwarz is apparently putting off a decision until May, and some of the other Dems would like to get started if they're going to run.

  • This was a skit put on at a Rotary fundraiser for a local senior center. So at least Mike Rogers made an ass of himself for a good cause.

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    You know, someone ought to do an ad in support of Lamont on that. I can't count the number of time I've seen people post, after having called Lieberman's office to share their views, "They couldn't care less." Joe may be angry, but no angrier than his constituents who have been rudely ignored in the past.

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    Nice post, Chris.

    About the connection between privilege and poor campaigns, I can't help but think of Kerry. Biographically, he was a great candidate. But he didn't campaign like he needed to.

    About entrepreneurialism...both in DC and in the country more generally, we're no longer an entrepreneurial capitalist society. We're a crony capitalist society. Which is one of the reasons other countries are beginning to kick our butts in the marketplace.

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    I'd like to make a plug for Nancy Skinner. Obviously, she's a media personality, which means she's beautiful and well-spoken and able to think on her feet. But it also means she "gets" media--whether it's radio or blogs.

    The first time we met, we talked about how to get more support for Michigan Liberal, Michigan's best local blog (IMO, though I've got no affiliation). She was aware of its recent history, and aware of the importance of local blogs to rejuvenating politics in MI.

    Now, I'm not a local blogger, though after YearlyKos, I'm a blogger recognized as such in my local political party, where I serve as Vice Chair. But there is a reason, as a MI resident and someone who works in the auto industry, why I'd like to see Skinner get some support. You see, I've got the privilege of being represented by John Dingell-MI. Which is great, I love Dingell and love working with him. Except that I'm well aware Dingell is as well known as Dingell-Big 3 as he is known as Dingell-MI. Dingell's (and the other MI politicians) past support for the auto industry is one of the many things that has made it flabby. We need politicians who think creatively about ways to force--and help--the auto industry compete. Skinner has committed to doing that. So I'd love to see her get the blogosphere's support!

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    So long as the political system in this country remains a two-party system, you need to provide a way for people whose views are not adequately expressed in either of the two parties to voice their opinion.
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    But I really think we need to get active on painting Bush as a big bad bully for cutting every single domestic program while giving money away to Iraqis. So here are mine:

    Do you think it would be better to give people making more than $200,000 tax cuts of $20,000, or make sure people making $20,000 a year still have access to food stamps?

    Do you think it is better to invest $5 billion in Iraqi education programs or $3 million in vocational training here in the United States?

    Do you think we should use $50 million to fund programs keeping your drinking water safe, or should we allocate another $80 billion to fund fraud in Iraq?

    Or a different approach:

    The CPA and Interim Administration cannot account almost $9 billion of taxpayer money. There is evidence that money was lost to corruption. Should we provide more money to Iraqi reconstruction, or should we provide money to your child's school?

    President Bush wants to provide further tax cuts to multinational corporations and the extremely rich. He has even proposed a "Job Creation" tax breaks that companies can use to fund projects that involve outsourcing. Do you think those tax cuts are more important, or are vocational retraining programs?

  • I just counted, and I think he's up to 166 votes.
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    My husband has worn mine pretty consistently since last year. But then, that loud orange hat replaced another one of (if you can believe it) lesser quality.
  • I do know that a number of paid staffers were not paid at the end of the campaign (like two out of three in my local office). And word on the street is that it was because we were badly over budget (between 1 and 1.4 million) because it was poorly managed.

    And I've heard 18 vans were missing, not just 2.

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    Now Google is catching up.
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    I heard it from someone who has close connections in the MI party. As I understand it, national media is beginning to research the story, but most everyone here in MI is not talking.
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    As I understand it (this is from a campaign staffer with good connections in the MI party), the problem is that the MI campaign went $1,000,000 over budget. And most of THAT can be attributed to one problem--the fact that 18 GOTV vans--vans that fell under Fowler's management--disappearaed. Kappoof! 18 vans, and $1,000,000 of our money. There are also totally unsubstantiated rumors that at least one staffer took a junket to Paris on our campaign money.

    All while I was working my ass off here in MI.

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    I'm going to search out DHinMI and GOTV to explain this--they kind of sorted out what happened last weekend.

    Hopefully, they will elaborate. But suffice it to say, there was a kind of endorsement, and then some quick work from those with better connections not only got an un-endorsement, but made sure the press heard about the un-endorsement.

    And yes, it was a sign of Dean's immaturity, and his supporters' (and I too count myself as one) lack of experience with the local pols.

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    Interesting you STILL didn't answer the MI questions.

    At the risk of sounding like blogswarm, I will repeat what I have said before. MI this year was no grassroots miracle. It was poorly managed, not very interested in listening to anyone not being paid to say something, and certainly not very amenable to letting localities do what they thought best given their local conditions. The GOTV plan seems not to have been planned until 3 weeks before the election, making it very difficult for those of us volunteers trying to implement the plan. Further, there seems to have been some very serious fiscal mismanamgement.

    This is the closest thing Fowler has done to the DNC chair--and it doesn't resemble his platform in the least.

    Now I suspect part of the reasons might be the way the Kerry campaign was run. But if that's true, some sort of explanation really ought to be part of your campaign. MI doesn't resemble your platform at all. Why should we believe your stint as DNC chair should be any different?

    Barring an answer to that question, I've got to believe the (very nice sounding) platform is just hot air.


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