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    The Only thing...

    I would hate to see a truly visionary thinker, combined with the talent for nuts and bolts  analysis, be done in by the Tobacco Companies.

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    This is the most accurate and comprehensive analysis I have read, post election. Great Job Chris, and very true.

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    This is the only poem I've written.

    There once was a country so fine
    I was proud to say it was mine
    some bad people took power
    and wish we would cower
    but that's where we draw the line

    We have an awful veep
    whose rule over us aint cheap
    we found he's a shooter
    that drove buddy scooter
    right into the garbage heap

    We're also stuck with a king
    that thought he'd give ruling a fling
    it turns out he's awful
    and also unlawful
    and he can't comprehend a thing

    Boy George lost an American city
    the sight was ugly not pretty
    with his general disdain
    he might do it again
    for the people he does not pity

    The masses are tired of lies
    up top they don't hear our cries
    we found we were foolish
    to elect the ghoulish
    and now must forsake these guys

    So what are the people to do
    they're in a bit of a stew
    people are starting to wake
    to a government on the take
    and must elect a new crew

    So... we wait for the protest song
    that's finally coming along
    who had the courage and sung
    we find it was pink and Neil Young
    they'll try to write ways we've gone wrong

    The world nervously awaits our decision
    that we'll make with utter precision
    to throw the bums out
    it may be a rout
    which will raise our profile a smidgen

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    That is a beautiful poem. I'm glad you saved it and shared. I grew up in upstate NY. I could feel the days being relived in my mind as you described them inside your poem. As a poet, I suppose that's the desired effect.

    Your very good.  You should keep writing poetry when the mood strikes.

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    Analysis right on target, good rundown.

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    I met him at a book signing with his wife tipper in 2002 (?). I agree with you. He looks you in the eye and acknowledges you as a person. He is a great man and I am glad to have shaken his hand also.

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    If he is way ahead of the game and in the process of "solving" it, why has his administration spent the last six years denying that it's even real?  Why has he made no major speeches addressing the problem? Why doesn't congress have in hand a blueprint, with benchmarks for progress? Oh yea, that sounds an awful lot like the Kyoto treaty he said was not necessary, and that we would not participate in.

    You can pretty well size up what this Administration is up to. Basically, it is the opposite of what they say. So, now if they say they are solving it, you can pretty well be certain it's on the back burner.


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