Udall Gets Primary Challenge in CO-Sen

Colorado Confidential.com confirmed late this evening that democrat Rep. Mark Udall has drawn a primary challenge for the open Senate seat held by Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) who is not running for re-election.

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Swift Boats Make Waves Again in CO-2 Campaign

Cross-posted from a breaking news story by Colorado Confidential.com.

Colorado's second congressional district has no seacoast, but boats are suddenly playing a role in the campaign. Swift boats.

Joan Fitz-Gerald's campaign says that Jared Polis has accepted five donations totaling $6,350 from donors who also gave money to the group that torpedoed Democrat John Kerry's presidential bid in 2004, the Swift Boat and POWs for Truth.

Fitz-Gerald, Polis, and political newcomer Will Shaforth are seeking to succeed Rep. Mark Udall in arguably Colorado's most liberal congressional district. And it's already getting ugly.

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More Breaking News on Colorado Pro-GOP 527 Group

This is real and important journalism. - Matt

Matt was kind enough to mention Colorado Confidential's investigative report in his post today on How the Right-wing Machine Works

Here's more of the story: On Friday, Colorado Confidential.com broke the news story that one of the most influential pro-GOP 527 organizations in the country -- founded by beer baron Pete Coors, Gov. Bill Owens, and oilman Bruce Benson -- has  engaged in a curious series of financial transactions that literally don't add up. Contributions to other political committees that Trailhead claims in its IRS filings are not found on the recipient's books, and contributions from those committees back to Trailhead either don't match Trailhead's records or don't appear at all. And on one occasion, a contribution was made to an organization for which Colorado Confidential can find no record of existence. See Trailhead to Nowhere for more information.

Today, we uncover several new factors which have come to light including two complaints that were filed against Trailhead and its mathematically-challenged 527 kinfolk this afternoon.

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CO-04 SUSA Poll: Musgrave, Paccione In Statistical Tie

A Survey USA-KUSA/9News poll released on Wednesday indicates the U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave leads Democratic challenger Angie Paccione by a scant four percentage points which is well within the margin of error.

The first independently conducted poll in the district also bears some close watching of both campaigns' base supporters -- some of which appear to be abandoning their candidate of choice by both conventional wisdom standards and early outreach strategies.

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Live-Blogging Colorado Results [UPDATED] Surprise Win

Colorado Confidential.com is live-blogging primary results in a variety of races including:

7th CD (JeffCo+Arapahoe+Adams Cty) This is an open seat vacated by Bob Beauprez (R)

11:00pm MDT Democratic primary results

7th CD (JeffCo+Arapahoe+Adams Cty)

Ed Perlmutter -- 13,741

Peggy Lamm -- 9,730

Herb Rubenstein -- 2,246

CD-7 winner faces lobbyist Rick O'Donnell (R)

5th CD (El Paso+Fremont+Park+Teller+Lake+Chafee) This is an open seat vacated by Joel Hefley (R)

10:48pm MDT Republican primary results

Note from a Colorado Confidential reporter on the ground. With 99% votes counted, the absentee ballots pushed Lamborn over the top.

Doug Lamborn -- 27.32%

Jeff Crank -- 21.94%

Bentley Rayburn -- 18.43%

Lionel Rivera -- 13.73%

John Anderson -- 12.41%

Duncan Bremer -- 6.18%

CD-5 winner faces Fighting Dem Jay Fawcett (D)

More results and color commentary at Colorado Confidential.com.

Jay Fawcett's Silence is Deafening -- To the GOP

Crossposted with permission from Colorado Confidential, a new online political news daily.

Many people heard about the controversial national Democratic fundraising ad aired earlier this month showing images of American flag-draped coffins, along with the message that it is time for a change in the Washington guard.

Lesser known is the Republican National Congressional Committee's effort to capitalize on the debate by putting extreme heat to denounce the ads on Democratic candidates around the country -- including in Colorado's Congressional District 5, where war veteran Jay Fawcett is mounting his campaign.

Problem is, the RNCC didn't actually notify Fawcett or other candidates of their demands. Those were instead delivered via a relentless nine-day media blitz -- and long after the ads were no longer on the air.

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the political ramifications of 7,918 birthdays

An interesting tidbit from our friends at the Census Bureau:

Every day during 2006, 7,918 people will turn 60.  Among those turning 60 this first year: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Cher, Donald Trump, Sylvester Stallone, and Dolly Parton.

More fascinating Boomer facts below the fold, you old coot!

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VETO Marilyn Musgrave-the-Rubber-Stamp

Marilyn Musgrave is nothing but a rubber stamp for indicted felon Tom DeLay and the rest of the corrupt House leadership. Enough of that!

Tom Delay? VETO!

Fat cat lobbyists? VETO!

Radical rightwing ideologues? VETO!

That's what we need to do to the extremist agenda pushed by Marilyn Musgrave and her ilk that seek to promote corporate interests over the needs of working families in Colorado's Fourth Congressional District.

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