Pat Buchanan glosses over Michelle Obama's contributions

I know, shocked aren't you?  But Pat Buchanan sat there and spoke about how Cindy McCain had done work around the globe and adopted a baby from India, what has Michelle Obama done?

Seriously.  I have no video but I'm telling you, I was seething (My poor mother had no idea why I was so angry, I couldn't even listen to the rest of the commentary).

If anyone can find a transcript or video, I would greatly appreciate it.  Not only must we fight for Barack Obama but we must stick up for Michelle Obama.  She deserves that much from us.

Obviously Pat wasn't paying that much attention at the Democratic Convention because if he had, he would have learned that Michelle Obama has done much for her own community.  The least he could have done is listen to her speech or watch her bio video.

Or he could have Googled about Michelle and learned a bit more before implying she had not done anything good for others.  

Professional Career:
After graduating from Harvard Law School, Michelle joined the law firm of Sidley Austin as an associate specializing in marketing and intellectual property. In 1988, a summer intern two years older by the name of Barack Obama came to work at the firm, and Michelle was assigned as his mentor. They married in 1992.

In 1991, the death of her father from complications related to MS caused Michelle to re-evaluate her life. She left corporate law to work in the public sector, first as assistant to Chicago mayor Richard M. Daly, later as the assistant commissioner of planning and development.

In 1993, she founded Public Allies Chicago which provided young adults with leadership training for public service careers. As executive director, she headed up a non-profit named by President Bill Clinton as a model AmeriCorps program.

In 1996, she joined the University of Chicago as associate dean of student services and established the University's first community service program. She was named executive director of community and external affairs and served in that role until her 2005 appointment to her position at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Womens Issues

I loved this video posted by the campaign about Michelle preparing for her big speech.

Oh and Michelle Obama didn't wear an outfit worth over $300,000 dollars.  The front page diary about this proved to me one thing, that community organizers, special needs teachers and maids don't get paid nearly enough.  

I just know that as I have learned about Michelle I've come to appreciate her for what she contributes to the campaign and to her own community.  She is one of the reasons I support Barack Obama so much, she is his touchstone and it's obvious she has helped shape him into the great man he has become.  We must fight for her and talk about what a great First Lady she will make for all of us.

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Re: Pat Buchanan glosses over Michelle Obama's con

Always great to read one of diaries....recd and agreed.

by hootie4170 2008-09-04 08:52PM | 0 recs
Re: Pat Buchanan glosses over Michelle Obama's con

"one of your diaries"...sorry it's late here in PA.

by hootie4170 2008-09-04 08:52PM | 0 recs
I knew what you meant

And honored for the kind compliment.  Kindergarten is kicking my butt this week!  And I have the worst migraine.  I'm surprised this even made any sense.

Thanks again!

by Ellinorianne 2008-09-04 08:57PM | 0 recs

Don't they have anything new? These same ol' personal attacks on Barack & Michelle Obama are getting ridiculous. Contrary to the GOP's racist stereotypes, they're NOT "lazy or uppity".

And for a party full of oligarch elitists, the GOP needs to look in the mirror before attacking us as "elitists".

by atdleft 2008-09-04 09:19PM | 0 recs
Re: Jeez!

Glad to hear from you atdleft, hope c4o is going well.  Sounds like it is...Kudos to you for all your hard work.

by hootie4170 2008-09-04 10:37PM | 0 recs
Pitchfork Pat shoots of his mouth again.....

Hey Pat finally probably noticed...


I'm still thinking, at some point, Rachael Maddow is gonna knock that racist idiot on his ass.....

by WashStateBlue 2008-09-04 08:53PM | 0 recs
Re: Pat Buchanan glosses over Michelle Obama's con

If your last name is "Obama" than you haven't done anything.  That's the narrative.  Don't mess with it.

by proseandpromise 2008-09-04 09:32PM | 0 recs


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