DC Folks: Meet the Candidates!

Join us after your holiday weekend to learn more about the D.C. primary elections coming up in September and to hear about DC for Democracy's endorsement plans. We'll be joined by mayoral candidate Marie Johns, council chair candidate Kathy Patterson, and more! A full list of those campaigns planning to attend in person or by representative (to date) follows, and will be updated as we hear more. Weds July 5th, 7pm at Ben's Chili Bowl


Marie Johns

Council Chairman
Kathy Patterson

Ward 3
Eric Goulet
Sam Brooks
Robert Gordon

Ward 5
Ron Magnus
Harry Thomas Jr.
Bruce Marshall
Raenell Zapata
Audrey Ray

Ward 6
Tommy Wells

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A Modest Proposal for dealing with the Hackett fiasco.

Over the past few days, a whole lot of folks have become outraged over the DSCC led disaster regarding Paul Hackett's ouster from the Ohio Senatorial race. Given how much this was hashed out, it really doesn't serve much point to go over the story again. However, there has been no clear idea of what response, if any makes sense. Inevitably, the extremes kicked in between the "screw the Democratic Party" and the inevitable "But unless you accept this without question, the Republican will win" counter blackmail. Neither of these options is very compelling.

Then Matt Stoller at MyDD came up with a post offering two alternatives to make a point to the Party Establishment. The Swiftian "take out Casey" and the "take out Lieberman" line. I'm not quite sure if he was serious, but the idea got me to thinking of what an effective strategy might be to send a message without doing an inane kamikaze run. The following is my own "Modest Proposal", but one that I mean seriously. If done well, this action could achieve a few goals at once, with relatively minimal risks. Those goals would be (in order of likely impact, highest to lowest):

1. Send a real message to the Schumer and Rahm (and the rest) that the days of pushing down thing by backroom dictat are ending.

2. Demonstrate that net communications technology has shifted the power balance enough that the regular active party members have to be taken seriously.

3. Assist in sending Joe Lieberman off to a well deserved career in the private sector.

4. Strengthen the Dean DNC vis a vie the DSCC and DCCC in the internal power dynamic.

How? I'll cover first the internal dynamics that make this possible, setting the context for the actual action. And then discuss the method.

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About that election!

It was just great to see such a huge success in an election where our foreign intervention has been questioned. It validates the entire policy.

I speak, of course about the 1967 election in Vietnam. Read it and weep.

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Webb Drops Out, Supports Dean!

I'll let the news report itself...

Denver post

I considered Wellington Webb and Dean to have been the two best in presentation at the NYC event. While I'm sorry to see him go, this was a natural move.

Now we just need to get Simon on board as the Ops Manager below the Chair, and everything rocks from there.


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