• Sob...the daily show link just brought a tear to my eye.

  • They didn't really spell it out. Serling was taking a shot at HUAC, using sci-fi as the cover. He had the aliens very clearly spell out what he was saying about the blacklist and the witch hunts. Hiding the subtext in plain sight exposition.

    I really think better writing and art comes out of varying levels of censorship that open artistic freedom. The artists have to work harder and be more subtle in getting their meaning across, such as the similar "Crucible". Compare to "Piss Christ" and other such stuff, which just seems self-indulgent and provocative for the sake of being provocative in comparison.

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    One person's dream is another person night terror.

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    I'm going to have to guess the party has no one who earned a job on their own merits? They really have no choice but to puick some loser who wouldn't qualify as "Wal-Mart Greeter" if he didn't inherit his job from "Daddy"?

    Let's hear it for the Party of the People (who are in the inheritor class).

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    Obama earned it on his own, Bayh inherited his station from Daddy!

    Makes perect sense. Bayh reassures the inheritor class that scuzzy "earned it on merit" Obama won't do something crazy like hire and suggest society hire based on merits instead of family ties.

    Good balance there. For a minute I was afraid we'd actually function on merit insted of birth. Crazeee me.

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    Because getting a gig from Daddy is just the right way to go!

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    Great! Someone who's major qualification and justification for his job being related to someone else supported someone who's major qualification justification of her run was being related to someone else.

    Whoo Hoo!

    Screw Bayh.

  • Just freaking ugh.

    No please. Is it too much to ask we use the slot to elevate someone who could potentially actually run after this admin, and who also earned the spot themselves?

    In other words, no de-facto royal families need apply. No Bayh, no Clintons, no Kennedys, no Ford, etc...

  • Its very simple.

    They looked around...stuck a finger to the wind and decided that if they wanted to win election they needed to vote yes. In real politick that makes perfect sense.

    The problem is that another way of looking at is they decided that a few thousand soldiers dying for the sake of their glorious political careers was a fair trade.

    No one making that choice deserves to be dog catcher, let alone President. Sorry.

  • Try logging back in under that id. Once the primary was over Jerome got a grip and reinstated everyone.

  • Please provide me evidence that QuestionMark isn't a member of the Klan. ElitistJoh has concerns that QuestionMark is a member of the Klan, therefore my quoting myself is completely accurate.

    Please note I'm not sayin you are a Klansman, just that there are concerns you are.

    Until I get ironclad proof from you that QuestionMark isn' a Klansman, I will feel obligate to continue noting there are concenrs.

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    Don't miss it. There is one hour left to catch Joss Whedon's brilliant internet supervillain musical, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.


  • You are talking about the site that banned all of us who questioned Jerome's motivations or were opposed to Hillary during the primary, right? How may folks were booted until Hillary conceeded again?

  • Yeah, until he makes a play for the maid. Seriously, no way he can be trusted that close to the President.

  • I was insulting caucuses and SDs back in 2003-2004, for exactly the reasons the PUMAs now whine about,.

    Funny thing, many of the biggeest PUMA blow hards, like Ron "Angus McSneery" K were on the other side of this back then. They thought they owned the party apparatus and loved themselves some undemocratic caucuses and SDs, because it would allow them to use them to their advantage.

    I remember on Kos in 2004 telling McSneery to watch out, because it may just be the Dean crowd answering the phones in 2007-2008, so they want to make things more democratic.

    Funny thing...look at what happened.


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