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    May I respectfully request that the first thing to be done in January (and Senator Obama should introduce the bill) is a FULLY funded reform of the registration and voting systems

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    Please support Evie Hudak running for State Senate District 19 in Colorado.  Evie is a true progressive and her opponent is a Palin clone.  This is one of the few open seats in Colorado, the margin in the Senate is close, and there are only 35 seats, so this race WILL have an effect on redistricting and much else.

  • New Hampshire.  Take a drive and if you want something more to the south and west help Diane Farrell beat Shays

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    What running in 50 states does is stop swift boat stupidity from taking root in the 34 states Kerry was not running in.  It allows Obama to stomp on such nonsense.  If he were not running in 50 states the various internet rumors would have fertile ground in which to fester.

  • It is clear that Iowa will be decided by the way the under 15%ters move.  Any polling on that.  Looks the same way for the Republicans.  My sense is that this will break for Edwards on the Dem side.

  • Doesn't matter how old they were, they made reckless claims that were injurious and that nails them

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    The problem with the Clinton healthcare program was it was designed by Ira Magaziner who has a history of making complex, unworkable master plans that no one can understand.  For some reason his stupidities appeal to people in power, sort of like the neocons had all the answers.  It was a sitting duck.  

    What was and is needed is a simple plan, which by its nature will not be perfect, but which will be workable and serve 90% of the need.

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    We need an every county policy for 07 and 08.  To do this we need a way of getting relatively small amounts of money (say $1000) for every candidate for every candidate for state office.  Remember reapportionment.

  • I continually hear how Democrats need to extend a hand across the aisle and I continually hear how this would result in the hand being bitten off (probably true right now).  So what is the first requirement for establishing better relationships in view of the behavior of Republicans for the last 14 year.  

    What is needed is an act of contrition by the Republicans.  I would like to see this thought injected into the discussion:

    "Given past behavior, we need to see that the Republicans are serious.  They need to start by showing some contrition for their past behavior, otherwise we must remain cautious in our dealings with them.  We will not be unfair, but we will be cautious.  You don't stick your hands into the mouth of a wild animal" (I wrote jackel first, but that it me).

    I perceive this is the road Charlie Rangel is going down.  Good for him.

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    Liebermans campaign and maybe some of the credulous for damage to his reputation and more.  While you can get away with a lot in the current libel law situation, you cannot make claims you know to be false or unfounded.

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    With due humility may I point out I called this one in November, right here on MYDD

    Re: C-Span Washington Journal on Monday (none / 0)

       A minor suggestion you might offer. Since the Republicans left the budget approval to the next Congress, the Democrats should strip out EVERY set aside and send the thing forward post haste. True some D set asides will go away, but think of the message.

    by Eli Rabett on Sat Nov 25, 2006 at 08:21:10 PM EST

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    The real point of this is to defund earth science in NASA's budget , something that is already happening.  The Moon Base is a distraction.

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    A minor suggestion you might offer.  Since the Republicans left the budget approval to the next Congress, the Democrats should strip out EVERY set aside and send the thing forward post haste.  True some D set asides will go away, but think of the message.

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    The general NRCC number 202 479-7000 is a phone hell from which naught will escape. The NRCC communications number is 202 479 7070 and the after hours number for those on deadline is 716-208-1870. The General Consul's number is 7069. He might have some comments about how legal this all is.

    Otherwise, NRCC phone numbers are of the form 202 479-70xx where the xx runs up to at least 70. There are some blanks (7002, 7004, 7006-8, 7029) and a bunch of numbers that have no voice mail (7013-16, 7021, 7023).

    I am sure that they would all like to hear from you

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    Hi, as someone who follows this closely enough to get exiled from various places, you are reading Achenbach wrong.  The article is quite Colbert in its approach, the problem being that you need to know something about the subject to really appreciate it.  Real Climate is a good place to start.

    Eli (a Rabett in exile)


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