• Having to sides yak to each other is not the way Olbermann runs things or would ever want to run things. He's a news anchor, not a talking head. I see him as the next Edward Murrow (only snarkier) and the only person willing to admit that there is not always two (or more) equally logical stands on a particular issue.

    As for Tucker, I agree with you. Your description of him as "genuinely interested and smart" is quite apt--save for his fashion sense. Plus, he can be quite interesting to listen to.

    Re: Rosie: ACK! She is SO annoying and obnoxious, not to mention more than a little crazy. Not only is she not "balanced" politically (not a big offense) but also she's unbalanced mentally.

  • Have you nothing to say that isn't a red-faced screech? You're not contributing anything worthwhile to this conversation.

    BTW, I may get crucified for this, but I really don't give a damn: I actually LIKE Chris Matthews. Granted, he's exceeding loud and obnoxious, but I don't see much evidence of him "hurting our interests" and I watch his show regularly.

  • We'll just have to agree to disagree on Olbermann. His Special Comments are first rate and I support any effort to make fun of Fixed Noise and billo, regardless of how "childish". At least he makes the news INTERESTING and ENGAGING, which none of the other current news anchors are capable of doing. And it doesn't take much to "rise above the level" of FNC. I'd prefer a fact-based rant to a lie-based one any day. Plus, every little needle at Billo drives that big lunkhead one step closer to outright insanity. He's skirted the edge for far too long, time to push him off.

  • Forgot to add that any lingering anger over the 2004 gov race is exclusively among Rethugs. They tried to make it an issue in 05 and 06 and failed miserably. Last I heard, Rossi wasn't interested in a rematch.

  • According to SUSA, Gregoire has a 51-42 approval rate.

  • What offices were the other statewide candidates running for? I know that Sebelius won the post of Insurance Commisioner, but what office did Sally Thompson win?

    As for Slattery, I recall reading that he was doing well up until the last few weeks of the campaign, but Graves hit upon Kansan's dislike of Clinton and helped drive Slattery into the ground. Earlier in the campaign, Jim was doing quite well: he won a three-candidate primary with 53% while Graves won 41% in a four-candidate field.

  • I wouldn't call him a neoliberal anymore, at least not since 2000. neoliberals are, IMO, generally pro-big business, but Gore has taken on polluters, oil companies, and the tobacco industry during his years of public service. Is he a populist? probably not given his stance on trade (has that changed?). However, he doesn't sound like a typical neolib.

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    As a word of caution: stay away from beaches with lots of fledgling albatrosses (not sure if this is the correct time of year for that) because Tiger Sharks (2nd or 3rd most dangerous species of shark depending on which Shark Week doc you watch) like to congregate in the shallows and nail any albtrosses that land in the water (though if you happen to see this, please take a picture!). Also, if you're planning on doing a little surfing, be very careful as Tiger Sharks also feed on the Monk seals native to Hawaii and from below a surfer looks a lot like a delicious seal.

    Want to know how I know so much about sharks? Watch enough years of Shark Week on Discovery, in addition to almost every Nat'l Geographic video/special and YOU can be an expert too!

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    How, then would Matt explain the fact that he has a person-a living one at that-in his suitcase when he goes through security? He could say he's part of a circus act (sometimes blogging does feel like a circus, only the clowns aren't quite as menacing), but I doubt Cirque du Soleil could get away with that.

  • BTW, Matt, I believe Allen does feel a sense of betrayal re W, but he has a low-key way of doing it--matter of fact, Maine pols are generally low-key. That will probably change as the campaign heats up. Remember, it's only May 2007, and there's still time for him to catch up. As for not being impressed, well...that's your decision. i happen to like Tom Allen and think he's a strong candidate. Weren't you unimpressed with some of our candidates last year that are now senators (not sure if this is right and PLEASE don't take offense, I mean no serious disrespect).

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    BTW, someone needs to resurrect the state blog link for Kentucky Bluegrass Report. What with the upcoming governor's race and Mitch's troubles, that site should be featured in the state blogs.

  • Exactly! Thanks for saving me from writing a long-winded defense of Udall--I'm not from CO, but the Udalls hold a special place in my heart for their work on the environment.

  • Nope, he holds a pretty progressive record on most issues (trade, environment, civil & women's rights). However, some in Maine are unhappy with some of his previous votes on war funding--not the most recent one, which he voted against.

  • Actually, at this time last cycle, Burns was leading Morrison 49-35 and Tester 50-26 (which is similar to Collins' margin over Allen). In fact, in Feb 2006, Allen was ahead of Webb by a similar margin.

  • Interestingly, one of my Poli Sci instructors was once a Senate staffer for Bob Graham, and she had a chance to meet Zell on a few occasions--and pitied anyone who had to work with him. Apparently, he would sit at his desk in the chamber or his office and barely move, just sit there and be menacingly silent. Then he'd get up to speak and just EXPLODE! Strangely, those that remember when he was GA governor did not recall this behavior and were equally perplexed by it. I think he suffered a stroke or something between his retirement from the governorship in '98 and his senate appointment in 2000.


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