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    You sound like a derivatives trader, not a committed democrat.

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    I think Mike Huckabee has the most to weigh in on this of all public figures.
    Go figure that Huck becomes the shining city on a hill in contrast to this site.
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    I agree this election will sort out the faint of heart from those who will not tolerate anything less that a major transformation of the American landscape.
    What I've seen in the past seven or so years demands the most from even the internets.
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    Jerome, are you saying that it's over?  Done?  The wing-nut meme has proved itself once again victorious?  Whoever get's nominated?
    That's what you appear to be resigning yourself to.
    Because it doesn't matter if its the Wright issue or any among the thousands of swiftboats launched at the Democratic nominee, they've already won.

    Your wonkery is leading you into a statistical crystal ball that is increasingly sensitive to every whim and excuse to give it all up now.
    A form of disillusionment intended by the designers of the weapons of mass distraction.  What it betrays is a intolerance for the unpredictable and the creative shift that is ordained by a once in a life time election.
    Obama will be that paradigm that turns over all the wonks preconceived ideas about what Americans are capable of embracing.

  • Anatomy of the Wedge Vote.

    Or something to that effect.  Now I am no Hillary fan but I had no idea of the background of her position.  I can't remember your diary back that far, but it was around June that things over at Dkos were becoming quite strange.

    Regulars were getting giddy, petty and mob-like.  I think the new ratings system really fueled a frenzy for points and priveleges to downrate fellow posters and the site devolved into spectator sport.
    My suspicions were that Markos and his moderators were fully behind the Red Bull quality of the makeover to the dismay of many.

    I was so fed up just watching one diarist get piled on for breaking Markos' precious rule on 9/11 conspiracy, watching his humble diary get removed,
    I had to stop and think what the hell the site was all about.  I thought. I still had a browser page open with the former diary intact, which was not the greatest piece but entertaining enough.  I smiled.  Then pasted and posted the whole damn diary under my user name with a preample to why.

    My way of saying I'm outta here.  Got a lot a play too.  Talk about dodge ball. Very interesting and wierd experience then I was gone.

    So don't feel too bad.  I stopped visiting for the better part of last year then went on this past week for the first time in ages.  Only to see Markos' hit piece on Kucinich.  It all came back and then I remembered why I left.

    Why were you banned?  Don't tell me it was for being a Clinton supporter.

  • I want to hear all ideas on this.  I'm curious if a plan like this would put me more in control of my health care costs.  I'm looking for savings, and an alternative to any of these outmoded systems.
    Offering individuals an opportunity to opt out of the insurance approach to health care, with tax exemptions and other incentives to be much more a steward over your own health can only help.
    I want to hear more.
  • I don't live in NY.  Let's make that clear.  But the sad fact is that in this age the only leverage unions have is to shut down operations of a City like NY.  Since unions have been so fragmented in the private sector, smaller isolated industrial and service strikes have almost no impact and hence lend little pressure for managers to settle.
    In other industrialized nations whole sectors walk out in sympathy for unions and things get sorted out quickly.  Where else but in a public service strike would a union seek to force a fair settlement?  If it had no impact on daily life in the city, and considering the lack of an appreciation of what unions stood for in the last century, do you think they'd have any power to collectively bargain?  People aren't laughing, are they?  It's only serious if you can't lead a normal existence with things you take for granted.
  • Old lady lost in the city
    In the middle of a cold, cold night
    It was fourteen below and the wind start to blow
    There wasn't a boy scout in sight

    Pull down the shades 'cause he's comin'
    Turn out the lights, 'cause he's here
    Running hard down the street
    Through the snow and the sleet
    On the coldest night of the year.

    Beware, beware, beware, of the Naked Man.

    Old Lady lean against a lamppost
    Starin' down at the ground on which she stands
    She look up and scream
    For in the lamplight's beam
    There stood the Naked Man...

    He faked to the left and faked to the right.
    And he snatched the purse from her hand.
    "Someone stop me," he cried,
    As he faded from sight,
    "Won't nobody help a naked man?  Won't nobody help a naked man?"

    I dunno, it just seemed appropriate.  Thanks, Randy.


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