Straight from the voters: 1-866-MyVote1

Common Cause's voter hotline, 1-866-MyVote1 is getting calls, a lot from PA, IN, OH.  We also just finished a tele-conference with reporters. One, from Computer World, noted that he had problems on eSlate machines this morning in Lancaster County, PA.  We're checking it out further.  More to come.

Here's a report from our TX office:

Voters being told via newscast to bring their voter registration card and a photo ID.  I called Matt (the CBS newscaster in Amarillo) and told him Texas law does not require a photo ID and a voter registration card.  Seems the county clerks (Potter, Randall and God know how many more) sent a note to the news people to say this, " speed up the process."

Called Laurie Vanhoose (Advocacy Inc.) she e-mailed Ann McGeehan (SOS) office and I called the 1-866-MY-Vote-1 hotline to report that voters in the Panhandle are being given this misinformation via the news.."

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Re: Straight from the voters: 1-866-MyVote1

and more from TX from our hotline:

I went to vote, and used the touch screen and I voted for my candidate, and it chose Perry.  I did not vote for Perry, so I told the lady at the thing, that's not the way I voted.  So she did the review and pulled them back up where you can re-vote, and I voted again.  It still checked Perry, so she said, well, let's do it again and change it.  So then she said, "I'm going to touch your candidate for you," and she did it, and it still came up Perry, and I did not vote for Perry.  So I left the poll booth.

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Re: Straight from the voters: 1-866-MyVote1

and a call from our hotline:

Collins Cty Texas. Early voter "I got up to the machine and I tried to vote for Chris Bell, who's a Democrat, instead of a Republican..  I am a registered Republican but I wanted to vote for Chris Bell.  I tried three times to vote for Chris Bell and I am so frustrated because every time I voted for Chris Bell, Rick Perry, the Republican,  had a cross by his name."

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Re: Straight from the voters: 1-866-MyVote1

and another call, tis from Ohio:

I voted in Grandview Heights, Ohio.  And, the Ohio ID law requires one form if ID.  The preference is that it be a driver's license or some photo ID; and, if that's not available, a bill with your name and address on it.  At my polling booth they were requiring two forms of ID, one a photo ID and the second a bill with you address in it.  The rules in Franklin County, which is where I vote, states specifically, your driver's license does not have to the current address on it.  So, the need for an address is clearly not part of the law.

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