• and Obama will be running for re-election in 2010.

  • That's the problem. It could be almost half the Democratic electorate.

    Hillary Clinton is too solidly positioned in the hearts and minds of voters for the Obama campaign to profit by ignoring or dismissing her. And to be clear, I never wanted her to be offered the Vice Presidency.

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    when we allow people's careers to be ruined by the exposure of a sexual affair.

    We need to grow up.

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    is in the frenetic nature of the comments.

    Obama's most ardent supporters certainly are a thin-skinned group.

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    that Obama's a Muslim?

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    Please READ the article. Nobody says they actually heard McCain tell the "joke".

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    The reporter, Norma Coile, references two guys named Wright and Larson who were said to have heard McCain tell the joke. They, however, were never reached for comment.

    I don't doubt the sexism of John McCain. But the odor of mendacity about this charge is pretty strong.

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    a link to someone who actually heard McCain tell this "joke".

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    are directed to the question of whether the diarist has "troll" status.

    What is glaringly absent is anyone doing a point-by-point refutation of Herbert's arguments.

    But then calling people names is much easier than defending the indefensible.

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    You're describing Hillary Clinton.

    Obama's supporters spent the whole fucking primary season denouncing Clinton for working both sides of the aisle and being a centrist.

    Now you think you can just pretend all that shit never happened and...

    Presto, Chango! Your guy was actually a centrist all along!

    As I said: Bullshit.

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    To start, thank God Obama is "drifting towards the center" because, um, that's where the majority of voters are.

    The notion that it's okay to espouse positions you may or may not believe in order to be nominated and then "adjust" those positions to others you may or may not believe in order to get elected is what's been done for too fucking long in this country.

    What it definitely doesn't represent is "change".

    Remember "change"?

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    Obama was different. Obama represented change. It was the dawn of a new morning in America. That was a month or two ago.

    Now we're right back to choosing between the lesser of two evils. Before I die I'd like to cast a presidential vote without holding my nose.

    But in won't happen in '08.

  • call any MEN sweetie?

  • back when he was criticizing George Bush. Then he got his anti-Clinton obsession and talked of nothing else for what seemed like an eternity. Then he fell in love with Obama and love, as any songwriter will tell you, is blind.

    Obama flip-flopped on campaign finance, supported the FISA bill, started wearing flag lapel pins, started ending speeches with "may God continue to bless the United States of America", and disowned Jeremiah Wright soon after saying that such an act would be akin to disowning his own grandmother.

    All this passed by Keith with nary a whimper out of him. Olbermann needs to look back at all the vitriol he directed at Hillary and consider whether the Obama of now is any different from the Clinton of then.


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