Foleygate news coverage

I thought it might be worthwhile to track the media's coverage of the Foley/Hastert/Predatorgate scandal via a count of Google News stories:

(From past experience I've noted that Google News story counts take a few days to settle down, so it's best to consider the last three four days' data to be tentative.)

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Lieberman on elections

Joe Lieberman on the purpose of elections (from In Praise of Public Life (2000)):

[T]he notion of term limits has never made sense to me.  It precludes the possibility of a legislator building expertise over time.  It denies the value of experience.  And it ignores the fact that our political system already includes built-in term limits decided by the voting public every two, or four, or six years -- they are called elections.

Where the concept of political careerism truly becomes an issue, it seems to me, is around the question of purpose.  It is important, of course, to understand a person's purpose for choosing to enter political life.  In almost every case I know of, as a person begins his political career, those intentions are honorable and sincere.  But they don't always stay that way.  Once people enter this life, they become vulnerable to a host of pressures and forces that can skew their purpose, sometimes without their awareness.  It is these forces -- partisanship, special interest groups, the need for money, the demands of campaigning, the power of the media -- that can twist a politician's priorities and make keeping one's seat become more important than what one does while sitting in it.  That is when the voters should, and usually do, vote the wayward politician out of office, because that's the way the system cleanses and corrects itself.  

[Emphasis added - Ed]

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He's still down

The latest Survey USA 50-state poll of Bush's approval ratings is out.  As Taegan Goddard reports, in 40 out of 50 states Bush's numbers are now below 50%.

A map I made of the data is below the fold.

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