Scratch North Carolina and Montana.... NJ??

Sorry- a poll entry.  I hate doing them but I'm now getting worried.  I know, concern troll, sky is falling, etc.  Right?  Well, according to Rassmussen and SUSA- North Carolina and Montana are way out for McCain now.  New Jersey is within 6!!!  Eek.  Is this all Palin?  

Montana- McCain +11
North Carolina McCain +20 (that's a BIG, GIANT change)
New Jersey - Obama +6.  

What the hell? 2008/latestpolls/index.html

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what text message?

Ok- so this will be a lame, lame diary.  Here goes....

I'm actually pissed.  We were promised to be "the first to know"- yet the mainstream media broke Obama's VP as per usual.

I have to say, I am let down.  I know, I know, big deal.  No text.  Or a text tomorrow.  I'll get over it, I'll live.  I didn't need to be the first to know.  

Couldn't they have planned this out better?  Why even pretend to be able to break it to us first?  Why not tell us all yesterday- instead of letting it go until the night before when the Secret Service are assembling.  

Could this have been a PR blunder?  I wonder how much the media will cover the TXT Message Mistake.

Anyway- I'm still holding out hope that this is a big HEADFAKE and that Obama will txt me the REAL VP choice any minute.  Sorry Biden.

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Let's hear it for the Rainbow Tour

Ok- I'm afraid that I will get pummeled for this post but here goes....

Has anyone else noticed that Obama's polling numbers seem to have dropped slightly since he began his Middle East Tour?  This is even with the media traveling with him and amazing rock star coverage.  Honestly- it reminds me of the movie Evita when she toured Europe (just go to itunes and search for "Rainbow Tour"- the song says it all).

Here's my point- is it possible that Obama is looking a little "staged" in this whole thing?  Politico posted this article today- here's the headline:

"Obama tour staged for political pop"

I just feel as though Obama could potentially be pushing it with this whole thing.  I get the "trying to solidify his foreign policy credentials" aspect of this excercise- but his poll numbers are not seeming to rise from any of this.  I just feel as though he would be better off staying here in the US and talking about the economy.  That's where his strength is.  I hate it when politicians try to be all things to all people- often watering down their strengths.  FISA vote anyone?? Remember the bowling incident? Or McCain trying to woo the Feminist Vote- sorta just doesn't FIT. Square peg, round hole...

Anyone else feel like this trip is walking a fine line between good politics and bad theater (is there really even a difference??) ?

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Could someone ask Nancy Pelosi to shut up?

Ok- I need to vent here.  I am so so so sick of Nancy Pelosi that I could VOMIT.  Can she NOT make a comment without speaking negatively about Hillary Clinton?  I mean COME ON!  It has happened so many times this year that I've lost count.  Now it's the "I don't know WHAT she's talking about, I'VE never experienced sexism" comment (that's not word for word- but close).  Well, you've only ran for a house seat in a Liberal California district Pelosi- not on a National level!  What a moron.  Seriously.  Not only is she incompetent in running The House- she's got a real knack for pissing people off.
Honestly- I think she's jealous of Hillary Clinton.  I think she LOATHED the idea of another woman with more power than her.  Well, guess what Nancy, Hillary Clinton IS more powerful than you, regardless of title.  18 million voters sealed the deal.  SO GET OVER IT!

I apologize for the spicy rhetoric- but I'm fed up.

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What is Rev. Wright doing?

  Why is Reverend Wright doing this media blitz?  It's on every news outlet- "Breaking" right now on CNN.  I just don't understand why this man is so intent on rehashing this issue right now.  It is destroying Obama, and it seems as though Rev. Wright doesn't care.  Am I wrong?  I totally understand that he wants to defend himself- and I do agree that he was unfairly attacked in the media.  I just think that he should wait until AFTER the election to do this.  He can have his time in the media then, when it isn't so detrimental to the Democratic Party.  He's completely off-script, and even Obama aides have said that he's not helping Obama with white voters.  I just don't get it.  Do you think he's mad at Obama for throwing him under the bus?  If he continues to stay in the public eye, he will continue to be front page news.  No other issue gets the media going like Reverend Wright.  Please, please, someone ask him to stay quiet for just a couple of months!!!  

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BREAKING: I made a lot of money last year!! Breaking Breaking!

I finally released my tax returns, to well, anyone who might want to read em.  Guess what?  I made a lot of money last year!  Holy Moley, Holly Toledo, Jumpin Juhussifrats.
Furthermore, I used to make no money when I was in college, and actually even ran up credit card debt!  Oh, and to make matters WORSE, i'm stuck paying the Alt. Min tax too.  What's even more outrageous, I have a lot of bills.  
I finally decided to release these tax returns after immense pressure and outrage from, well, everyone.
When reached for comment, I said, "yeah.  it's all true."'

I write this stupid diary just to reflect on the idiocy of anyone caring how much money the Clintons make.  I was LITERALLY *Breaking* News on MSNBC.COM.  
What's next?  "
*Breaking* Obama has a splinter"?

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Clinton up in Indiana per SUSA!

Clinton 52
Obama 43

Per SUSA 4/1

That's big news.  I thought this was supposed to be an Obama state?  No wonder Obama's camp wants to shut this race down.  Looks like they see some losses coming there way and don't want people to doubt his campaign.  I can't say I blame them, but I still believe that Clinton is a much stronger candidate.  

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Letter to Pelosi, Dodd, Leahy, Richardson, Dean

To:  Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Patrick Leahy, Bill Richardson, Howard Dean

    I do not think it's time for Hillary Clinton to drop out of this race. She has a very good chance of beating Senator Obama as neither of them can win without superdelegates.  Speaker Pelosi, your claims that the superdelegates must vote according to the pledged delegates are pure fiction.  That assertion is nowhere to be found in the rules.  You made it up.  They can decide to vote based on whatever standard they want- pledged delegates, popular vote totals, what's best for the party, personal preference.
      If Florida and Michigan were to be counted, Hillary and Obama would essentially be tied right now.  Those two states have been disenfranchised due to the DNC rules.  I don't care who agreed to that decision, it was not the voters in those two states.  So when it comes to Florida and Michigan, you claim we must play by DNC rules, but in the next breath state that superdelegates must abide by your fictional rules?  This is pure hypocrisy.
     How can we allow the DNC's disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan to possibly decide who our nominee will be?  If Howard Dean believes that these delegates will eventually be seated, as he said yesterday, then Clinton and Obama are essentially tied right now.  How can you possibly ask Hillary to drop out, without seeming extremely biased?  Do you fear that a continued vote will reveal some weaknesses in Obama's support that might undermine his candidacy?  If that's the case, I'd like to know that now, rather than in November.

Now I too have decided to make up some rules.  

Rule #1:
If you continue to try and push Hillary out of this race, I, a lifetime voting Democrat, will withhold my money (and possibly my vote) from the Democratic Party.  
Rule #2:
If Florida and Michigan's disenfranchisement winds up deciding the winner of the Democratic Nomination, I will withhold my money (and possibly my vote) from the Democratic Party.  

Email addresses:

Patrick Leahy:
(202) 224-4242

Nancy Pelosi:
(415) 556-4862
(202) 225-4965

Howard Dean: hairman

Chris Dodd:
Phone (DC): (202) 737-DODD (3633)
Phone (CT): (860) 244-2008

Bill Richardson: p?mm=6&type=opinion

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My Letter to Senator Leahy

I sent the following letter to Senator Leahy today in response to his call for Hillary to  drop out of the race.  His email is listed below in case you want to contact him yourselves.  I also forwarded it to Howard Dean at: hairman


I am a life-long Democrat.  I find your comment regarding Senator Clinton (that she should, in essence, drop out)- to be inexcusable.  You, like Speaker Pelosi, are trying to push your own rules in this election.  If you do not like the Superdelegates making this decision, then change the rules for the next election.  Until then, abide by them, and allow the process to play out.  I realize that you have your preferences in this election- but so do the American People.  We have not decided to end this election.  Look at the polling, 60+ % of Democrats want this race to go on.  Obama has not sealed the deal, otherwise this would be over.  In fact, if two critical states were allowed to have their voices heard (Michigan and Florida)- then Obama would be statistically tied with Senator Clinton in this race.  Think about that.  The DNC has altered this race in a way that may change the outcome of the election.

I am offended by this push to have Senator Clinton exit, and if it continues, I will not support Democrats either financially, or with my votes.  YOU are the one's splitting this party, NOT Senator Clinton.



No, I am not from Vermont, but I did entertain voting for you in the Primaries (before you dropped out).

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What are the afraid of?

It seems as though everyone seems to be piling on to the "Hillary Should Drop Out" meme in the last couple of days.  Almost as if it were "talking points".  This made me start wondering, "What are they afraid of?".  If Obama were in such great shape, if his campaign were so sure that they will win the nomination (as so many would have you believe), why the fear?  I don't think that anything Clinton has said has hurt Obama nearly as badly as what his own Pastor said (and even that seems negligible in the Primaries- the General is another story).  
Here's the point- it seems as though Camp Obama has decided that they need to begin this push for Clinton to quit.  I think they are seeing something that they are afraid of (in their internal polling or in regards to the Superdelegates).  Why else would they be so persistent?  I get the reasoning behind denying FLA and MI- even though I don't agree with it.  That would clearly not be in Obama's favor.
Anyone have any theories? Is it just so that they can "Start The General Election"?  I don't believe that to be the case, but what do you think?  

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