• Matthews is trash. I say this for more reasons than I can list here (foremost being his blatant, disgusting sexism).  Hillary is a rock-star and he's now attaching his hitch to her rocket.  

    Ick to Matthews................

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    So happy Hillary will be Secretary of State!   She is strong, intelligent, and frankly one of the best Democrats we have.  Go Hillary!

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    Come on people.  This diary is ridiculous.  

  • I LOVE that idea.  Frankly- not holding my breath.  Not sure if Obama cares about LGBT issues more than he cares about not upsetting the Religious Right- sadly.  He has a very VERY spotty track record on these issues- which is extremely frustrating....

  •  Obama is not the Saviour, my friend, he is a politician.  The PUMAS were created for real, VALID reasons.  That does not take away from the fact that Obama may be a great President- or he may have problems.  This whole "my team, your team, us, them" crap is really childish in my opinion.  I really like Obama and voted for him- does that mean I won't call him out on EVERY thing he does that I feel is wrong?  Absolutely not.  Does that make me a PUMA?  If so, then I'm a proud PUMA.

  • After watching Bill and Hillary drop the ball in Times Square last night and dance in the new year for all of the world- you must've just been BESIDE YOURSELF huh?  So sad.  Hillary is at the height of her political career and power- and it will only rise from here.  The Clintons are American Royalty, my friend, and for good reason. So you might as well continue to cry in your soup- cause I believe you will be seeing a lot more of them in the future!  :)

    Yeah, I know I'm responding to a troll- but it's kinda fun to rub it in his face!!

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    Yeah, just what I want to do- endure freezing weather, long lines- and anti-gay preachers.  Um, no.  Sorry Obama.  The weather AND the delays- maybe.  The Homophobic Zealot?  Not so much.

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    I wish I could take back every penny donated to this man.  Obama has proven to by all hype- and NO EXCUSES will change this.  Substitute racism or anti-semitism for Warren's Homophobia/Hatred- and NO ONE would excuse Obama's choice to "open his inauguration".  Discriminating against Gays is the last form  of acceptable bigotry.  Nice going Obama!  Not even President yet and throwing us under the bus!  

  • If you think that Bill and Hillary would make all the concessions they have in order for her to take a "neutralizing" job- then you're just crazy.  The Clintons are far too savvy for that.  i believe Obama chose HIllary because, well- she's the best for the job.  I believe Hillary took the job because she knows she will do a great job - AND that it gives her more national power and prominence.  Remember- Hillary Clinton actually would have beat Obama if Florida and Michigan were allowed to be a part of the process.  I believe (and polls show) that she would've won the National Election more solidly that even Obama did.  She is one hell of a political force in this country.  Make no mistake.  There is no neutralizing the Clintons- and you should be happy for that fact.

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    Matthews has the same sexist blow-hard appeal as Bill O'Reilley.

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    enough said.

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    Maybe we should talk about the RIDICULOUS caucus system which disenfranchises the elderly and people who cannot spend large amounts of time waiting to "caucus".  Or maybe we could talk about the countless examples of caucus fraud that occurred (Texas anyone?).  Or maybe we should talk about the screwed up disenfranchisement of 2 of the largest states in the country.  OR- maybe we can just move on.  You decide.  

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    2 lame candidates.  Anyones else agree?  Am I living in the twilight zone?  Can't image how either won- both were seriously boring.

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    Are you seriously trusting a polls from DKOS?   OMG.  Pulleeze.
    No offense, but that's like trusting a Fox News Poll.  I need to see those results substantiated by non-partisan polling....
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    Finally sober analysis instead of annoying high school cheerleading.

    Here's what scares me:

    NJ, Washington, Minnesota all looking "tight" in recent polls.  Does this usually happen?  Especially Minnesota.  That one looks really problematic.  I would say that Virginia (and maybe Colorado) are the only states in which Obama seems to be holding his own or even slightly gaining.  I'm from Colorado Springs- the home of the Focus on the Family- and I will tell you that they are going to come in IN FORCE for Palin in November.  This is a strong voting block that will absolutely vote en mass.  Let's hope the liberal college town of Boulder and the mountain towns can make up for some of their enthusiasm.  All in all, I'm feeling very skittish about this election.  It's looking like 2004 to me.  I see dead people......


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