Who Should Hillary Pick For VP

Wanted to get some thoughts as to whom everyone thought Hillary should ask to be VP?

Edit: I know this has already been diaried, but I think it's important enough to warrent more discussion. After all, it is a very urgent subject and should not be taken lightly. Edit 2: Have we lost the ability to laugh? Is snark dead to MyDD? This is about as mild and tame as snark gets.

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Chris Mathews Eviscerates Right Wing Hack!


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Wright: Wright, wright or wright?

   Wright wright wright wright.  Wright, wright wright wright wright wright wright wright. Wright wright wright wright wright wright wright wright?  Wright wright wright, wright, wright, wright and wright.  Wright wright wright wright wright wright wright wright wright wright!

Wright wright wright wright.........

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Why Obama Need Not Debate.

Disclaimer: This is an honest opinion from an Obama supporter.

The hard cold truth?  It's politics, silly.  

Simply put, she needs it and he doesn't.  Obama already has an insurmountable lead over Hillary, so basically all he needs to do at this point is wait out the clock.  Engaging in this debate would only serve to give legitimacy to Hillary's floundering campaign.  It's much smarter for Obama to just let it atrophy on its own.

Beyond this, the debate could possibly damage him in the GE if Hillary turns it into a another superficial gutter fight, which - after the last sham of a debate - is more likely than not.    I certainly don't want to watch another hour of Hillary's Ayers/Wright red/race baiting.  It would make about as much sense for Obama to debate Hillary as would for McCain to debate Ron Paul.

Don't get me wrong.  I'd love to see an honest debate between McCain and Ron Paul, just as I'd love to see an honest debate between Obama and Hillary, just as I'd lurve to see an honest debate between Hillary and Ron Paul, just as I'd love to see an intelligent debate between Ron Paul and Barack Obama.  

In truth, I believe Hillary would be devastated without two sympathetic moderator surrogates at her side.  Who knows!?! maybe he will. After all, he has decided to slum it on FAUX, which seems to be a counterproductive move on many levels.

This debate is just a desperate 11th hour stab in the dark from a campaign on its death bed, and frankly, I think it's a smart move.  She has nothing to lose, so why not.  However, Obama has nothing strategically to gain from this debate, so I'm going to guess he won't.

PS: for anyone who objects to my "red/race baiting" comment, feel free to tell me how exactly Ayers/Wright are not examples of red/race baiting.  Hint: claiming the Republicans are going to eventually do it is not an answer.

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Top 3 Clues Hillary Has Already Lost.

#1 McCain targets Obama - Republicans, as has been noted so emphatically and frequently on MyDD, are shrewd with their own money.  The fact that McCain and the Republican machine has begun to attack Obama can only mean that they believe he will inevitably get the nomination.

#2 It's the delegates, stupid -  Obama has a 150 point delegate lead.  PA was Hillary's last chance to make a dent in this lead and she only netted 10-12 delegates.  With just over 300 supers left and no other large winnable primaries, Hillary cannot score enough of the remaining delegates to catch up.

#3 Obama targets McCain - Obama no longer sees Hillary as a threat.  He understands that the nomination is just a waiting game at this point, so why waste time and money arguing with Hillary about his pastor, when he could be arguing with McCain about the economy, ending the war... and his pastor.  

If anyone has a realistic path to nomination for Hillary that doesn't involve destroying the Democratic party, please post it.

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Best Revenge Against ABC: Give Obama $10 (at the least)

Wow, what a disgusting sham ABC just tried to pass off as a debate.  Taking cues from FOX, they hit him with everything but the kitchen sink.

I was so pissed that I logged on to Obama's website and gave him my very first political donation of the election cycle: $10.  It's not a lot of cash, but multiplied by a thousand or ten thousand and you've got a tidy little sum.

So, if you are feeling angry at the corporate media's attempt to influence our government, then hop on over to Obama's campaign and drop a Hamilton on him.  

Here is the link: https://donate.barackobama.com/page/cont ribute/main?source=homedropdown

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MyDD Exclusive: Obama's latest hate speech.

At a recent Pennsylvania rally, Obama was quoted as saying:

If there is one thing......I can't.....stand for..,.. it's.......do..gs......and....bu....nny. ....rab....bits.

He's clearly pandering to cat owning elitists (that probably drink Chai Tea and shop at Trader Joes) here.  Snubbing good dog and bunny loving Americans is not a very American way to win an American election.

Hatred for God's most loving creatures is definitely going to hurt him in the GE, because you can't win an American election on cat owners votes alone, and beyond that, isn't an American president supposed to serve ALL pets, not just elitist pets.

I am currently an Obama supporter, but thinking of switching to Hillary because I can not abide his hatred for all things innocent and small.  Actually, I just switched in the space between sentences.  


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