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    That's a good point - turning their fire on McCain is a strong positive for both candidates not only because it bolsters our chances in November, but also because it provides a positive argument for that candidate's electability, which is going to prove critical when the superdelegates make their decision.

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    ... to say that Obama supporters have caused a fair amount of the rift in the blogosphere.

    Full disclosure - I am an Obama supporter.

    But I have gone out of my way to visit this site and others like it to see what Hillary supporters have been saying.

    There has been some uncalled for language on both sides, in my opinion. There has been some sketchy behaviour by both campaigns, and both campaigns have made mistakes and excercised poor judgement at times. And we in the blogosphere tend to amplify those mistakes through constant discussion and analysis - combine that with high passions and dedicated people and you get quite a toxic mix sometimes.

    If you decide to vote for John McCain rather than Barack Obama, that is obviously your decision to make. But please, make that decision based on the battle of John McCain vs Barack Obama - NOT on the basis of your opinion of Barack Obama's supporters (although I think we compare quite favourably to McCain's supporters :lol: ).

    You raise points that I feel are worth raising and worth considering, and if, at the end of the day, you feel you can't support Obama, so be it. I'd encourage you to stay home or, better, go to the polling place and refuse your vote (a none-of-the-above option).

    But I hope the day is not long coming when we can all stand together as Democrats against McCain and his destructive, regressive policies, just as we have stood together against Bush and his policies.


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