A Stunning Display

"I don't want Bush-Cheney lite," he told reporters yesterday. "I want a fundamental change."
Sen. Barack Obama, NYT, July 26, 2007 referring to Sen. Hillary Clinton. Oh, really? Let's explore this a bit as we stroll down memory lane...

I`m sure many of you recall the NYT Magazine article by Ron Suskind, [1] excerpted from his book, "The Price of Loyalty:
George W. Bush, the White House and Paul O'Neill." One passage in particular that I remember is President George W. Bush's confusion of Sweden and Switzerland in regards to a standing army and neutrality. Here is the passage:

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Meet Monica Conyers, A Barrel of Chuckles

Monica Conyers, Detroit City Council  president pro tem and wife of Rep.  John Conyers - was instrumental in running Sen. Obama's GOTV stealth program for "undecided" in the Michigan primary.  Somehow classy doesn't come to mind when I think of her. Recently, she had a debate with middle schoolers and it looks to me that she may have been schooled herself.  

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1zaX91p1 4w&NR=1

http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/art icle?AID=/20080215/METRO/802150385

The debate with middle schoolers..you gotta see this.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TvgtGlcd TE&feature=related

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Something We All Agree On - Action Alert

Whether you're a supporter of Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama - you know or should know that both candidates are rightfully supporters and co sponsors of the New GI Bill of Rights. As Democrats, we have a tradition of caring for our veterans.
And another glaring difference between our two candidates (Besides both of our candidates 'getting' what needs to be done in Iraq) and Sen. John McCain - is that McCain is opposed to the New GI Bill of Rights. We're nine votes short in the senate and McCain needs to be seriously called out on this.

Sponsored by Sen. Jim Webb, (And Sen. Chuck Hagel) with 51 co sponsors...

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The Sordid Stains of Zbigniew Brzezninski

As of late, someone from Camp Obama - a surrogate of Sen. Obama - has dredged up Monica's blue dress drivel. I believe it's safe to say that topic has been covered at length. However, if we're going to talk about stains - let's talk about Sen. Obama's foreign policy adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski and his stains upon credibility. And decency.

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Denying Vets & Active Duty Votes In MI and FL

Sen. Obama has made it clear he has no wish for the voices of voters in Florida and Michigan to be heard. OK, as a Michigan resident who voted in our state's primary I'm starting to understand my vote means nothing to Sen. Obama or the DNC.

It's a real eye opener and it is disgusting. And to deny those that have served or are currently in our Armed Services is perhaps an even more grievous affront, lacking any shred of decency.

I never wore the uniform but my late father was active duty for 26 years, career military - he always voted and corresponded with his elected officials in his home state of Pennsylvania. The old man served in two wars but I remember him sending his ballot in - even when we were stationed overseas.

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The Deal Breaker

It wasn't that long ago that I was leaning toward Sen. Barack Obama. He seemed different from the others and radiated change. It was getting late in 2007 and my preferred candidate for `08 gave me the impression he was not running,  General Wesley Clark. (USA, Ret.) I had been a Clark supporter since  the DraftClark days of 2003, and hoped 2008 would be the year. Then he declared himself a supporter for Hillary Clinton. I thought, Hillary? What's up with that?

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Europe's 46th Nation, Kosovo

Kosovo recently independence from Serbia and despite joyous celebrations of its newfound status, she faces an uphill climb. The economy is devastated - unemployment is rampant and skyrocketing. Crime and corruption - including human trafficking is widespread. Kosovo's suffering has taken its toll. And having a primarily Muslim populace has not endeared it to its neighbors.

Countries such as Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, China and most notably Russia and Serbia, refuse to recognize Kosovo's independence.

When the US and NATO intervened in 1999, they were not without their detractors.
From the US left, Noam Chomsky, Justin Raimondo, Matt Taibbi and the Nation magazine were among those voices that clearly opposed NATO intervention. From the right, the GOP - including then Texas Gov. George W. Bush and now disgraced former congressman Tom DeLay, accused the US of nation building and the use of force without an exit strategy.

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Sour Grapes, Gen. McPeak?

Gen. Tony McPeak (USAF, RET.) served his country honorably and is a highly decorated combat veteran. With serious credentials.  

No one can dispute that. He is currently an adviser for Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign and lends his considerable credence as a distinguished officer and leader. However, a recent statement he made about Sen. Clinton seriously made me wonder if he harbors past animosities or sour grapes toward Sen. Clinton.
Why would I ask that? Perhaps  this statement from the LA Times may help you understand why that thought crossed my mind. (And to Sen. Obama's campaign's credit, they disavowed his remarks.)


The advisor, retired Gen. Merrill A. "Tony" McPeak, said in a telephone interview that Obama has "real gravitas, not artificially created, focus-grouped, poll-directed, rehearsed gravitas."

He also said Obama "doesn't go on television and have crying fits; he isn't discovering his voice at the age of 60" -- references to Clinton's much-publicized show of emotion during the New Hampshire primary campaign and her speech after winning the contest in which she declared that she had "found my voice."

http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la- na-iraqpol2feb02,0,1272905.story

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