A Massive Transfer of Wealth - from the Middle Class to the Rich

Over at Motley Moose, Dawn Teo has written a stark and timely piece about the $700 billion open credit line which will soon be under the treasury's control.

Not only is this a massive transfer of wealth (by my rough calculations probably the largest nationalisation of assets the Russian Revolution) from tax payers to financiers, it's also an amazing transfer of power into what some are already calling The Septic Bank

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Journal of the Flame Wars: Now Online

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It's out. On popular request I'm letting you all know that my a version of my 'Journal of the Flame Wars' has now been published in Prospect Magazine .

As with all such articles, they get cut for length, subbed and simplified, and this is even more true in a British publication where the Netroots has to be explained as Blogosphere 101. There are a lot of things - a history of snark, mentions of other bloggers that have been cut because of length and complexity.

Sorry guys. I tried to mention a lot of you. But the editors found it confusing. It really needs a longer piece to get the whole story. Maybe I should write a book

I hope you enjoy despite this. In the fierce urgency of defeating McCain Palin, I don't want to reignite any unnecessary and ancient flame wars, so the only two issues I want to comment on are these...

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Update: Former Federal Prosecutor Compares Palin and Biden on Domestic Violence

Though there's no doubt, after Meltdown Monday, that it's the 'economy AGAIN, stupid', there's also no let up in the vetting of someone who has claims to be a heartbeat away from potentially the oldest ever President elect.

Our friends over on Motley Moose have an exclusive. Tania Tetlow, a former Federal Prosecutor and now Professor of Law at Tulane, has brilliantly exposed how Governor Palin's policies on domestic violence and rape have undone decades of consensus, and for all her purported 'feminism'  represent a backward move to the dark ages.

Sarah Palin has provided the ultimate example of why a female candidate is no substitute for a candidate who cares about women.  Compare Palin and Biden's records on violence against women, an issue on which both sides normally agree.  The political right may not always prioritize the cause, but it does not disagree that domestic violence is destructive of families and that rape is fundamentally wrong.  Yet Palin sailed right past apathy to downright punishment of women for reporting rapes.    

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Just Because She Sings and Dances in Her Underwear...

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Be careful what you wish for. Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when I was an earnest neophyte feminist at Vassar, earnestly debating the meanings of feminism, sexism, and choice, I used to wish, earnestly, that we would have a political campaign that actually discussed these issues. And this year I finally got one. Sort of. Only the disingenuousness of the conversation we're actually having is something that I, in my actual ingenuousness then, could never have envisioned. But democracy being what it is, and Republicans being what they are, it's turned into something very twisted, indeed.

Most of the time, it feels like a parody of the conversations we used to have, as when Camille Paglia argues in Salon.com on the basis that any woman who has power must ergo be a feminist, regardless of trivial bagatelles like her policies and principles, otherwise known as "requiring an ideological litmus test for membership". So Palin's feminism is just unorthodox? Since I'm quite the hetero-doxy myself, let me just say that I'm not taking this crap from Camille...

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Breaking: Obama has a 37 per cent lead

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Yes, that's the margin of Barack Obama's victory over John McCain if the world got a vote.

According to a BBC World Service Poll of twenty two countries Barack Obama is preferred to John McCain by four to one:

On average 49% preferred Mr Obama to 12% in favour of Mr McCain... On average 46% thought US relations with the world would improve with Mr Obama in the White House, 22% that ties would stay the same, while seven per cent expected relations to worsen. Only 20% thought ties would get better if Mr McCain were in the Oval Office.

Now I know 'foreign support' can be counterproductive for Democrats. I remember the Guardian in 2004 organising a campaign to get British people to contact Americans in Ohio to persuade them to vote for Kerry... Look how well that worked.

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The End of the World is Nigh

Yes you read it here LAST.

This could be my last ever diary. According to the BBC dysfunctional liberal blogs, the activation of the Large Hadron Collider release of some tracking polls will cause strangelets and micro black holes a small bounce for McCain, thereby assuring the known Universe shall collapse in a big credit crunch Obama will lose the election as we Jerome Armstrong always said he would

You have been warned. Goodbye Cruel World.

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Now I Know why Democrats always Lose

Frankly, I'm amazed. Having heard for so many months that the Obama campaign doesn't fight back against republicans, and having countered endless ad hominems about Rezko, Michelle, Ayers, Elitism, and Columns, I'm now being admonished by liberals throughout the blogosphere not to pick on McCain's VP choice, and the contradictions in her family morality

Fine then. Hamstring yourselves. The republicans use Palin's family values politically, as a key part of her appeal to an evangelical anti-contraception base. If those same advertised family values prove to be illusory and wrong, let's ignore that  because we're better than that...

Come on. We all know this argument sucks...

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Breaking: Obama gets Ultimate Endorsement - from God!

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Yes, it's official. After months being courted by many candidates, on the eve of the republican convention, the Supreme Being has finally sent his own message of endorsement for Barack Obama as President.

Gustav Aug 31

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Calling all Primary War Veterans [UPDATED]

It's been almost two months since the Primary Wars ended (or at least called a ceasefire) and as a long time poster here (I joined in 2004 under the now frozen account Brit) I've been asked by the British publication Prospect Magazine to write a personal account of the Flame Wars, mainly concentrating DKos and MYDD.

I know, I know, I was clearly an Obama supporter. But this should be a fun and informative feature, focused around incidents and arguments, and being fair to both supporters and their candidates. So I'm calling veterans from all sides and none for their favorite moments, their best loved quips, the recollection of angst in a time  of tranquility.

What do you remember of the Flame Wars?

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How to Fight Character Assassination: Jujitsu versus Ninjistu

I've been traveling for a couple of weeks, and see that MYDD is a bit quiet now the primary season is over. But let's hope this is a temporary rest. We need to get our energy back. There's plenty of work to do

Those of us who have survived the primary season, regardless of candidates, have experienced a baptism of fire. Our debating skills are honed. Our troll awareness acute. And in the donjon of our internecine battles, we've probably learned more about ourselves than we intended.

Now it's time to use these virtual combat skills against the republicans

Let's get in some training my fellow MYDD Ninjas

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