ACORN: It isn't what it seems

Or maybe it is...depending on how you look at it. I don't know if this diary is going to be popular here, or maybe it will be and all it'll do is resurrect the PUMAs, but hey, here it goes.

I agree with Glenn Greenwald, and I usually don't, that there's a double standard here and Blackwater, Halliburton should also be looked at under the same microscope as ACORN, but that doesn't excuse the fact that they really stepped in it.

and I agree with Glenn Beck that this organization has a lot of problems.  

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My Facebook Health Care Debate

With health care the topic of the week, I found a friend of mine on old Republican foil at PBS...with an interesting status;

Obama wants universal healthcare solved by the august recess...HAHA how about we resolve THE ECONOMY FIRST so that WE can AFFORD healthcare...and the plan is to take money from the wealthy so the poor can waste time all day going to the hospital....AWESOME.

The thread the followed went for 30 comments and included mostly those in support of healthcare reform...but I got lumped into a spirited debate between my friend (titled as FRIENDS below) and some other dude (titled as OTHER GUY). Suddenly, I found myself in a scene remiscent of the one I was told occured in the 1960's between Pat Buchanan and Hunter S. Thompson...minus the Wild Turkey.

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Political Realities: Third Parties

In the wake of the liberal outrage at Democrats, talk of a third party has popped up. Obviously most of it from Naderites and deadenders who never wanted a Democratic majority to begin with, but the talk is there.

But as much as I know some of you don't want to keep pretending to be lackeys for the Democrats...third parties would be counterproductive and would hurt progressives more than Democrats. Here's why;

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Gallup: 40% of Americans are Conservatives

A recent Gallup polls shows an uptick among conservatives to the higest rate in five years...but also has the highest percentage of people calling themselves "liberal" than ever before.

The poll might also provide a hint as to why the Democratic majority vatives-Single-Largest-Ideological-Group .aspx

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BREAKING: Republican Coup, Democrats Lose NY Senate

Marriage Equality is dead in New York

ALBANY - Senate Republicans have seized control of the chamber in a leadership coup in which they got two Democrats to join their caucus, a stunning move that could change the nature of electoral politics as well as the end of this year's legislative session.

Dean Skelos was elected majority leader after Senators Hiram Monserrate, D-Queens, and Pedro Espada, D-Bronx, voted with Republicans to change the leadership of the chamber.

The defections ended Malcolm Smith's six-month tenure as the leader of the senate.

Monserrate and Espada gave the Senate Republicans the 32 votes they need to switch leadership.

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Can't Afford Healthcare? Make More Money.

I came from a dinner this evening where one of my dad's friends complained about the possibility of healthcare reform this year. As we dined on Oysters, Champagne and Filet Mignon, hw lamented on how the United States is headed for socialized medicine and that apparently Obama will put a bullet in his brain once he realizes what a mistake it will be when the public hates him for footing the taxpayers with healthcare bills.

Growing up rich isn't all it's cracked up to be...especially when you were born into humble working class conditions in the rough streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn, and with luck, you ended up in an affulent Long Island neighborhood driving an Audi as your first car.

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New York City Split On Marriage Equality

NY1 has released interesting poll results that show that marriage equality is only favored by a plurality of residents in New York City. (where I live)

The numbers are pretty surprising;

Do you favor or oppose legalizing same-sex marriage in New York?

Favor- 46%
Oppose- 42%
Not Sure- 11% litics/99563/-i-ny1-exclusive-poll---i-- new-york-city-residents-split-over-gay-m arriage/Default.aspx

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A Long Island Politician...And His Husband

Democrat Jon Cooper is a member of the Suffolk County Legislature. Cooper represents Northwestern Suffolk County, including the upper middle class suburban towns of Huntington, Greenlawn, Northport, Commack and Cold Spring Harbor. Cooper made news locally last year when he became one of the few New York politicians to endorse Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in the primaries. After Obama received the nomination, Cooper appeared all over Long Island in support of the Obama/Biden ticket.

Cooper is openly gay...something that I was surprised to learn. Having met him a few times, I never knew he was gay. He has been in a long term relationship with his partner, Robert, for nearly 30 years. They have five adopted children. Today, they married in Greenwich, Connecticut, across the Long Island Sound from Cooper's constituency. Thanks to a decree by Governor Paterson in May, 2008, Cooper's Connecticut marriage will be recognized in the state of New York

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Obama To Dems: Expect Confrontation with Israel


In an unprecedented move, the Obama administration is readying for a possible confrontation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by briefing Democratic congressmen on the peace process and the positions of the new government in Israel regarding a two-state solution.

The Obama administration is expecting a clash with Netanyahu over his refusal to support the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

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Prop 8 May Be Upheld

Bad news for marriage equality in California. Two of the justices who supported marriage equality before have shown resistance toward overturning Proposition 8.

"You would have us choose between these two rights: the inalienable right to marry and the right of the people to change their constitution," said Justice Joyce L. Kennard, one of those two key judges. "You ask us to willy-nilly disregard the right of the people to change the constitution of the state of California. But all political power is inherent in the people of California."

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