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    his administration is a hell of a lot smarter than the rest of the country. That's part of why I voted for him, because I want someone to say "I'm smarter than you, so just shut up"

    The American people have proven they vote against their own interests for decades. We need a college professor lecturing his students.

    I'm sorry you don't like it. I'm sorry you need some lapdog who makes you feel like you know what you're talking about, but I've been reading your comments for over a year now and I can say...you're a complete moron and I'm not sure what the hell you're looking for in a politician or what you even stand for.

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    meaning robbing more from the workign class and giving it to the undeserving rich? Which is pretty much what Bloomberg has and wants to do.

    But, hey, at least he supports marriage equality, so that's something. I'm totally cool with a Bloomberg if he continues the isolation and political irrelevancy of the Christian Taliban.

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    for standing up for people's rights?


    go fuck yourself Jerome, nice and hard, with you faux progressive ego.

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    they have a right to, that's where this should end. He stood up for their right, he didn't sink into the ridiculous argument of whether or not it's "wise" to invoke that right. I would think someone like you would know that, but no one expects you to be fair. If he had said nothing, you'd bitch he was running away from standing up again. You think I was born yesterday Jerome?
  • you'd be singing a different tune about public opinion if 70% of Americans thought we should cut off all aid to Israel.

  • and it's sad that they're so wrong, and I appreaciate the President standing up for what's right, even if he is going to end up on the bad side of this. He didn't have to do it, he probably shouldn't have, and I'm sure some people, like Jerome, would think completely different of the situation had he not.

    You know, it has to be said...9/11 was hardly the worst travesty religious fundamentalists ever inflicted on the world. It pales in comparison to the Inquision unleashed on Muslims and Jews in Europe for 300 some odd years. Lets stop making it into a major turning point in world history, because it isn't.

    I'm so sick of people using 9/11 to defend whatever boneheaded hateful belief they had. Do you want to be better than them or do you want to play in the mud with them?

    And before you start judging me, I lost a friend in 9/11, and I lost a friend to a suicide bomber in Israel years ago, so I'm not immune to this shit. I'm just tired of people who feel the need to stoop to their level.

  • get to decide what does and doesn't get built in Lower Manhattan. All Americans may have been "attacked," but New York City suffered the direct consequences...and we still are.



  • and that's sad.

  • and that's sad.

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    in a room of full of people under fire, that's a pretty good angle if you ask me.


    It's so funny to see people who complain he too afraid to take a stand, criticize him for taking a stand.


    Actually no, not funny, just telling.

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    too bad you weren't complainig about the insurance industry when we were trying to get your support for the public option you want to kill.

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    that even with a public option, a mandate would've failed in Missouri too...maybe not 70-30, but 60-40 isn't anymore helpful to the cause.

    The American people hate the idea of the government forcing them to do anything, whether it be pay to a private company or the government  (otherwise taxes wouldn't be so toxic)


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    he'll come around, if he isn't truly there already. There's little he can personally do for the cause. He's not in a position where he had to sign a bill legalizing marriage equality, as a governor would, and he opposes DOMA and opposed Prop 8.

    He's where a lot of the early Democrats were with abortion; let the courts settle it and then we have a court case to back ourselves up. 

    BTW, the White House did directly address the ruling, reiterating their opposition to Prop 8. 

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    but a good energy bill was never in the cards. A good one didn't even pass the House, a satisfactory one did, one that, while pumped more money into green technology, did not ween us of off fossil fuels.

    Florida will be underwater before anyone even remotely cares. For me, this was always an important issue, but talking about it either leads to people being resentful that I'm suggesting they want to destroy the earth or being called a liberal tree hugger who wants to tax people. 

    You're asking Americans to sacrifice, they never will. Even if we were able to pass a good energy bill in the lame duck session, it really wouldn't matter, it'd be repealed or replaced by more money to fossil fuels by 2013 or 2017. We're just not the country to lead this movement. 

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    I spent the better part of last year on unemployment, from March through November. I sometimes came to near nervous breakdowns over my inability to find a job. I felt like a failure and even contemplated suicide. It was the most demeaning, embarassing experience of my life.

    Today, I posted on my Facebook status "Has anyone who believes receiving unemployment makes a person not want to look for a job, actually been on unemployment themselves?" I thought I had the argument. If you haven't been there, like I had, you couldn't say what a person feels in that situation.

    The response I got was 10 "Yes, I've been on unemployment and I think that" because, you know, they weren't lazy, but everyone else still is (I my mind I think secretly these friends of mine were lazy slobs on unemployment, won't admit it, but say others are like that) and a few "I know someone on unemployment who won't find a job until they run out" to "Maybe you weren't like that, but most are" 

    The fact is there are a lot of sick twisted selfish careless people in this country, and I mean a lot. They think the unemployed are lazy and should just go get a job. I got it too, my conservative "friends" were willing to insult me if it meant defending their point of view. They believe what they want to believe and nothing you, I, the President or the Democratic Party says will change that.

    I've given up. 


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