Pledged Delegate Switch

OK, I'm just putting this here as a stake in the ground.   Trying to set a civil tone.   I don't like the idea of pledged dels switching before the first ballot.   HRC floated this, and it looks like the first experimenter is going the other way.   This del's territory went 80% Obama, and he's changed his tune from HRC to Obama.     I don't like it much, and I think most of us will be non-plussed no matter whom we support.

Good analysis and thread, complete with Obama supporters holding their noses:
http://tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsm lary_s.php

I don't think it is right, even though Obama is my pick.

I think today should be a day of détente, and we should allow the HRC crowd to blow the rust out of the pipes today and not rain on their parade.  

Please keep this one free of haters.

Enjoy your victory, HRC and her supporters.    My team will weather it, and for that reason extra hostility is out of bounds.    Lets show everyone how its done, this unity thing.

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Jeremiads, American prose, and Obama's huge effort.

Just a quick note to everyone and no one:    Please separate your comfort level with the content of Wright's sermons with the idea that such a sermon is Anti-American.   Indeed, this type of sermon is so American that it predates the United States.   It may be the first distinctly American form of rhetoric - and the chain of ownership goes from Jonathan Edwards through to Graham and MLK to present day.

I can relate, as a white 40ish latte sipping CT Dem, that Wright's particular prose can be scary if you do not understand its function. I can't claim to fully own it, but from what I've gathered, these sermons are theraputic, not incendiary.    It took some time for me to get that.  

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