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    Perfectly framed.     A losing gamble, that's the way to present the GOP policy for 2008.  I hope that becomes a meme, or whatever the cool kids call it.

  • Yeah, he said he was a "bigger n* than Russell Simmons" in a Beastie Boys zine interview.   The way the world is going, we need to put odds on who will pay him to be an analyst first:  FOX or CNN.     I mean, Rove, Ari Fleischer and Ollie North are getting paid, so why is he missing out on the gravy train?

  • The whole thing is based on one question, so it's too trivial.

    I think it is a great idea to game this out, but one question doesn't help much. We'd need followups.  What would the same person who answers yes to the VP question say to:

    Has Clinton's criticisms of Obama hurt ticket?

    Will Clinton will deliver her base over the choice of John McCain?

    Would you support Clinton as VP if she loses a seat at the healthcare table?  Or loses her universal coverage plan?

    Would you feel Clinton's best options for her and her agenda  are in the Senate or VP?

    Will Clinton's negatives harm the ticket?

    Will Bill Clinton be a big help the ticket to get elected?

    Will Bill Clinton be a distraction to the ticket if elected?

    I need more info.

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    This is a good thought experiment.  thanks.

  • That would be pushing the "all things being equal".      

    But there is room, as I noted Keenan's nod to Lieberman.    This came even though he would not join those who wanted Catholic hospitals to carry emergency contraceptives for rape victims who are determined to be ovulating at the time of attack.

    I guess the fact the pro-lifers can do business with these guys is a plus for them.

    Anyway, that exhausts any slim knowledge I have on the matter.

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    1) Keenan's group makes political decisions when all thing are equal.    They went for Lieberman in CT, if memory serves.

    2) The group probably feels that an Obama government might have an easier time getting SCOTUS nominees passed through, etc.

    I don't think this is any reflection on the votes cast by the two candidates, more a calculation regarding coattails, comity within the government, etc.

    The next four years might repair a lot of damage.

  • You're 100% right, on the immoral biz.   I didn't say I liked it, I'm just calling it what it is.  You don't have to be a racist to take advantage of the racism in others, you just have to have different moral standards.

    Another ex: Street money is a strategy too, one I'm not a fan of.

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    Have fun, especially if you made a call or stood on a porch in WV.  

    (But hey, do not, under any circumstances, drink and drive tonight. That goes for winners and losers.)

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    Yeah, in my nominating caucus things were kept tighter than a crab's a**.   My guess is that his constituents were making his life hell, or he's one hell of an opportunist.

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    I can tell even Obamafans/bots/whateveritisthatIamnow like me are saying "that ain't right."

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    Dang it.  I clicked too fast.   TexasDarlin, I meant we have enough content already, its the headers we need to prove ownership.  Sorry about that.   Please help me get more info.

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    Wow.  Sorry about the late reply.   Any way you can share that?   The content is enough I guess, but the headers are the gold.

    You don't need to erase the from lines, you say yourself it was Brazile.    I'm also hoping you know the source well enough to get all the headers from the email.  UUIDs etc.   You can kill all the To: info if you like, hopefully just to the left of the @ symbol unless their dmain name gives too much away.   If I'm to revise my view of Brazile, I need to see that.   I'd think it would get much more attention.

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    That was bad on multiple levels.   And it will probably hurt them.    This from the party of phone jamming.      I think the Dems in NH have their stuff together though, this ain't Granny D's time (bless her).

    I hope Hodes does retain his seat, and you gotta respect Shea-Porter for turning down DCCC money, wow.

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    Meant to be a reply above.  My bad.

    http://www.mydd.com/comments/2008/5/12/2 02920/490/4#4

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    Crikey, if Hillary got a Childers neck tattoo and was given credit for the win, I'd still be pleased as punch about the win.

    Even Newt thought the RNC ads were FAIL.

    Secondly, Childers' polling finds that there was more good done than harm, and that race-baiting will increase turnout and help.

    http://www.newsweek.com/id/135946/output /print

    Also, Cotton Mouth seems to think Cheney caused some problems for his candidate along the same lines.

    http://cottonmouthblog.blogspot.com/2008 /05/swing-state-project-ms-01-update.htm l

    All in all, you may still have some schadenfreude coming your way, and what with the ass-kicking Obama will get tomorrow, I don't know how you can stand it.

    If that wasn't enough: if he wins, it will be impossible to tell who helped the most.  Everybody with a checkbook is out there helping out.   That's another diary for you right there.

    I respect that Childers is doing the gas-pandering honestly - by personally or with campaign dollars - subsidizing the fuel.

    If the campaign coordinates all that help effectively I hope they keeping it going through November.


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