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    All but two House Democrats supported the bill; the problem was in the Senate, where every Republican - even "moderates" like Snowe and Specter - voted against cloture.

    If I were in the House, conservative or not, I wouldn't care to waste political capital to vote on a controversial bill unless I knew that it would ultimately pass.

    Let the Senate prove it's worth their time before they schedule a vote.

  • I found it difficult to believe that this was about the bad press - I figured there must have been another, unspoken reason.

    But then, that efficiency nominee didn't seem to have anything else against her, so maybe they figure they wasted too much already with Geither.

  • If Lynch doesn't have the partisan gut to appoint a Democrat, he should at least pass the buck to the people rather than cave to the Republicans.

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    Since Ron Brown became the first African-American to chair the Democratic National Committee.  Nice to know that the Republican Party is still two decades behind the rest of America.

    I'm curious to see what sort of chair he will be.  Fundraiser?  Strategist?  Evangelist?  I admit I didn't follow the campaign, but did they even discus that, or was it all "I love Jesus and Reagan."

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    But not others - was surprised to see that all four of Georgia's Blue Dogs, including two that had been uncommitted until today, had voted for the bill.

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    Number of Democrats for stimulus had funding remained = X

    Number of Democrats for stimulus after family planning (etc.) funding cut = 244

    Obama et. al. sold the changes they pushed as political concessions to Republicans, but in fact, they were concessions to conservative Democrats.

  • With the various Continuity of Congress amendments floating around.  They deal with the same subject - how to replace a member when their seat becomes vacant.  One section could deal with individual vacancies, and another could deal with mass vacancies.

  • Of doing business with 99 members than it is with 100.  The prospect of a temporarily vacant Senate seat is no reason to deprive the people of a say over who shall represent them in the Senate.

    The Senate survived with only one Senator from Illinois, and it will survive with only one Senator from Minnesota, at least for the near future.

  • "Fuck Immigrants!"

    Gillibrand's reversal on same-sex marriage is worthy of praise.  But she wouldn't have reversed that stand if she didn't think it would be dangerous to her election prospects.

    She should be made to understand that her xenophobia is at least as dangerous, if not more so, in a state where so many residents were not born in the United States.

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    New York could have had a Senator who supported same-sex marriage.  But because she wasn't good enough for the big media (or the little media), we get another homophobe.

    But hey.  Bloggers victorious over Kennedys!

  • If it's by comparing him to Mitt Romney, well, if you believe "he can change his mind," then surely you can't find that comparison insulting.  Mitt's done the same!

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    Are crying bitter, bitter tears now, knowing that they missed their best opportunity to use this against Obama?  Probably a few Democrats, too.

    I don't really care whether Obama opposes same-sex marriage because he believes it's morally wrong or because he believes it's politically unpopular - either way, he's wrong.  

    I suppose it does say something about Obama, although I don't know that it says anything about him that couldn't have been said before.  It is shocking to see such a reversal.  It's a "Mitt Romney" on the flip-flop scale.

    I'll be curious to see how Obama handles this.

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    Anything that the Democrats pass is a good reason not to pass a blank check - if they do, then the Republicans will pillory them both for the amount of money spent and the way it is spent.

    If they require accountability from the Obama Administration, at least it will be more difficult for the Republicans to make the latter case.

    Suppose the Obama Administration does misspend the money.  It could happen: Geithner forgot to pay his Social Security and Medicare taxes, so he's hardly infallible.  In 2010, does Congress want to tell the electorate, "I trusted Obama?"  Or do they want to tell the electorate, "We held the Obama Administration accountable, while the Republican Party did nothing?"

  • Against any of them. He didn't.  It's easy for me to believe that he would bethat tone deaf.

  • Would become an issue as soon as Obama's victory once again left the Senate without a single black member and left the governor with the power to correct that problem - or not.

    Had Reid thought ahead, he could have asked Minner, Ritter, or Paterson to appoint any one of the many qualified black officeholders in their states and deprived Blago of the sting of his charge.  Instead, he either ignored the issue or foolishly left it to Blago to resolve.  This is the result.

    Four open Senate seats gave the Democrats the opportunity to increase - or at least maintain - the diversity of the Senate.  Instead, it looks like we can expect a less diverse body, which will soon distinguish itself by refusing to seat a black member. It's a massive fuck up and I think Reid deserves much of the blame.


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