Catholic Priest defends Jeremiah Wright

Disclaimer: The first link is to Fox News.  I'm not surrupticiously linking Fox as if it were a viable news source.  What I am doing is linking to a video of an interview they did with Catholic priest Father Michael Pfleger, an inner city white pastor with a black congregation.

Without further ado... ml?videoId=1fd1c0cf-5c80-4d75-996f-bd53b 2461ae0&sMPlaylistID=

There's a little from him in the pulpit here: U

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THE MATH: First to 1628 Pledged will be the nominee

(please note, corrected numbers) Okay, a little envelope math.

Pledged delegates: 3251
Superdelegates: 793

Total delegates: 4047
Total needed to be the nominee: 2024

Obama's pledged total: 1414
Clinton's pledged total: 1243

(numbers taken from CNN)

All that is straightforward, we know all that.  But the significant thing here is that the superdelegates who are remaining neutral are looking for a good reason to endorse one candidate over another; they don't want to risk their own political careers by going against the leader as assigned by the people.  We all know how Democrats feel about that.

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McCain is not the only hero. Take back our Country

Are you guys ready? Let's roll.

--Todd Beamer, passenger of United Flight 93, American Hero

I'm tired.  So tired.  I've been blogging here for a couple of weeks now, and I get discouraged at all the infighting and recrimination between Clinton supporters and Obama supporters.  When I went on vacation for a few days last week, however, I didn't see any of that from people.  

There were folks that were Clinton supporters and were suspicious of Obama, there were Obama supporters who were angry with what they saw as Clinton's dirty tricks, but all of them realize that we're at a critical juncture, and we can't allow ourselves to get distracted from the real goal.

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Barack Obama is a Worthy Successor to Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton said this great thing in 2004: Jo

Now, one of Clinton's laws of politics is this: If one candidate is trying to scare you and the other one is try get you to think, if one candidate is appealing to your fears and the other one is appealing to your hopes, you better vote for the person who wants you to think and hope.

Barack Obama would probably not be where he is today without Bill Clinton's presidency.  Had Republicans retained control of the White House, you very well know that they would have continued to marginalize minorities through unfair economic policies.  Bill Clinton led us into an age of prosperity and growth, and was clearly supportive of the African American community.

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Reagan Legal Council Endorses Obama

As Republicans, we are first Americans.

Susan Eisenhower, then former Senator Lincoln Chafee, Camp Hill Mayor Lou Thieblemont, and now Doug Kmiec, the legal council for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush are all lifelong Republicans who have endorsed Barack Obama.

Is Kmiec a centrist or even liberal like Chafee?  No.  He writes for a Catholic publication, headed a presidential election committee for Mitt Romney, and is a staunch conservative:

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Clinton/Obama Positive Attribute CHALLENGE!

Alright, we've had plenty of harsh words traded here on this site with regards to the two remaining Democratic contenders to the nomination for President of the United States of America election this fall.  Let's step beyond that for a moment and have some fun while talking up our guy or gal.

I'm challenging everyone here to list the positive qualities of your favored candidate, and why he or she is better suited to go against John McCain in the November election.

DO LIST: Positive traits regarding to your candidate as evidenced by their record, campaign, or your personal experiences.  You can list John McCain's traits, both positive and negative, in relation to your candidate. You can list some traits that might seem negative to some if you explain how it's a good trait in a match-up against John McCain.

DO NOT LIST: Negative traits of the opposing candidate.  In fact, the best bet is to choose one candidate and do not mention the other at all; this is making the case solely on your own candidate's strengths.

SCORING: If you see a post listing the attributes of one of the candidates, and agree with what is said that it will be effective against John McCain, give it a mojo rating.  DO NOT mark anything with a troll rating; we're only viewing things as positive or neutral here.  We'll be able to see what traits are considered the best for beating McCain from both candidates by fellow MyDD folks.

Negative comments will be hidden if possible and otherwise not counted in their entirety, as will blatantly false Trojan posts (example: as a Chinese woman, Barack Obama will secure the asian vote).

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Wright: Pastor at it again!

Update: Let's see if we can drag some more people in with a funny title.

Wright treats a president of the United States.

So it looks like Jeremiah Wright recieved commendation for tending to LBJ while he was a marine medical technician.

I wonder how this can be construed as him hating America.  Let's find out.

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Obama's Philly speech: not as good as this one!

As long as we're going to have the discussion about race and Obama's vision, I might as well share the reason I became an Obama supporter in the first place.

I was a Clinton supporter, mostly because she and Bill were my champions in the 90's when I came of age.  I have always felt as though there was something missing, however, a deficit in politics and a gap that was not being bridged.  So when I heard this speech, it immediately resonated with me as a white man who feels compassion about race in theory at the same time as he is imperfect at compassion in execution.

Obama actually quoted this speech at the end of his speech yesterday, and I've seen "I'm here for Ashley" on a few people's sigs. is

The text can be found here: marks_of_senator_barack_obam_40.php

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Superdelegates: Loyalty and Politics

I'm new in these parts, but I'd just like to comment on a trend I've seen trying to play semantics games with Teams Obama and Clinton's positions on superdelegates.

Some have said that the superdelegates "should not go against the will of the people" (quote attributed to Obama)  This is reasonable advice for currently uncommitted superdelegates; many of them are elected officials and endorsing a candidate after looking at how their districts voted will be good for their re-election campaign.

Others have come back with the assertion that, if we're going with the will of the people instead of personal preference, superdelegates who endorsed before their state had its primary, like Kerry and Kennedy, should switch sides once their state goes the other way. While I do believe that this is certainly a consideration, especially if one is concerned with getting re-elected (I don't think Kerry or Kennedy are), there is an element of loyalty that's also important.  

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