Reality has an Obama Bias

I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but I thought that this article was remarkable as much for where it comes from as for what it says.

The Politico is a right-leaning website.  How right?  I couldn't really tell you (it's not as right as most of the people who fill its comment sections, seemingly), but Bush did an interview for them earlier this year, and Bush barely acknowledges the existance of the internet.  More significantly, though, they're pretty good journalists and I often go there when the sweet, cloying liberal bias of places like this blog or the Huffington Post threaten to override my sense that we need to keep working hard to ensure victory and, perhaps, landslide, for Obama.

That said, when Jonathan Martin on GOP starts to look like Ben Smith on Dems with good news for Obama and bad news for McCain, there's something going on.

Let's have a look at their explanation.

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Red to Blue (MN-6th): Tinklenberg competitive vs. Bachmann

I got surprising hope for taking out ultra-conservative creationist Bush groupie, Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) this morning from her challenger, Elwyn Tinklenberg:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced today that El Tinklenberg has been added to their top-tier Red to Blue program as a candidate for change. The announcement follows Tinklenberg's financial report which shows $469,000 raised in the third quarter and $1,000,065 raised this cycle. Tinklenberg filed with $356,631 cash on hand.

The DCCC suddenly took another look at Tinklenberg after realizing that his last three month haul was twice what he'd picked up in the last two quarters combined.  His problem so far has been that it's hard to get his message out.  Now he hopefully can.  We may have a race, people.

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MN-Sen: Lieberman defends Norm 'New Suit' Coleman

In my diaries, I've been following the Minnesota Senate race between Democratic humorist and friend of the late Paul Wellstone, Al Franken, and incumbant Republican beneficiary of relaxed lobbying rules Norm Coleman, but recently things just got weird.

Joe Lieberman (Himself-CT), former Democrat and McCain supporter, wrote an op-ed for the St. Paul Pioneer Press in which he extolled the virtues of Norm Coleman's position on the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI).

Let's have a look at what he said and try to figure out what he's really saying, shall we?

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MN-Sen: Comedian beating well-dressed jerk

Today's Rasmussen polling places DFL candidate Al Franken at 43% of the vote, incumbant Republican Norm Coleman at Coleman with 37%, and Dean Barkley, founder of the Minnesota Independance Party and comrade of former Governor Jesse Ventura, is coming in third with a respectable 17%.  For reference, Rasmussen has Obama leading McCain 52% to 45%, which might suggest to some that Barkley is taking 9% from Franken and 7% from Coleman, but I don't really think it's that simple, since both major party candidates' favorables are very low and, while I've been databasing for Obama, there's massive levels of undecideds in the Senate category, and even quite a few who are for Obama that still, mysteriously, favor Coleman for Senate.

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MN-Sen: Coleman flack won't explain where fancy suits come from

Looks like someone either didn't do their homework or is covering for a lobbyist-sponsored candidate.

Full context can be found HERE

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Vote for 'That One' in 2008!

Man, these guys work fast.

Out of curiosity, I typed in "" in my web browser just to see if McCain's condescending gaffe... you do know the definition of "gaffe," right?  Telling the truth by accident.  There's little doubt McCain feels that Obama has very little to recommend him, if you look at their history together).  Combined

Anyway, so it turns out that somebody was damn fast in getting a site with "That One '08" merchandise up... is it Obama?  They do provide the address to the That One's website in their header graphic.

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UPDATED! Get angry: elderly woman shoots self over foreclosure

I hadn't intended on writing a diary today; anything I write will be drowned out by the debate chatter, but this needs to be seen.

I went to CNN to see if I could get any new debate polling, but I found Addie Polk instead.

A 90-year-old Akron, Ohio, woman who shot herself as sheriff's deputies tried to evict her from her foreclosed home became a symbol of the nation's home mortgage crisis Friday.

This is getting stupid.  This is getting un-American.

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We want Republican votes. Be the grown-up.

That's it, I'm calling you out.  Yes, you.

I know the Republican Party has marginalized all of you and has used sleazy tactics to turn people against minorities, gays, and liberals.  

Thing is, the Republican Party is not the sum and total of Republicans.  We need Joe and Jane Republican on the street to like and vote for Obama, because Obama needs a mandate to truly fix the country the way we all know he can.  

Bush-brand neocons, as currently championed by John Sydney McCain III are the ones we despise, not all Republicans.  Swallow your pride and let's talk about this.

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UPDATE: No-Oversight Dealbreaker in Paulson plan, Dodd plan better

I just caught the new Senator Chris Dodd (the Banking Committee chair, if you'll recall) on Politico's The Crypt, an outline for the bailout to go up against Paulson's "save the bad guys" scheme, and I think it's a good start towards thinking our way out of this hole without giving the villains everything they want.

Some of the bigger points are as follows after the jump:

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Non-Palin News: Minnesota GOP is Purging Override 6

I thought I'd narrow things down a little to a state level and provide some relief from all the Palintology... the Sarah Palin' tall... I know it might Palin comparison.

Rep. Neil Peterson, R-Bloomington, was the first member of that insurgent group to go down. A former mayor of Bloomington and lifelong Republican, Peterson lost his party's House District 41B primary to Bloomington business consultant Jan Schneider, who was endorsed by the GOP last spring.

No good deed goes unpunished.  -- Republican State Representative Neil Peterson

In the latest example of how Republicans have lost their way and are working against common people, the State Republican party strongly contested Neil Peterson due to his participation in the veto override of Governor Tim Pawlenty's refusal to sign the infrastructure gas tax increase last year, resulting in a victory by Jan Schneider, who will go up against the Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate in the fall.

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