• Congratulations on successfully making your second post.  

    While we appreciate your enthusiasm for involvement with Democratic politics, we must warn you that we don't appreciate misinformation, fallacies, or trolls.  Obama doesn't own the "corporate dems in the Senate;" in fact, the Blue Dogs who are obstructing the process are largely corporate Democrats.

    Obama hasn't been stalling on the issue, and in fact wanted this to have been taken care of already.

    Obama has no wish to make progressive Democrats "take it in the neck in 2010."  That would be extremely counterproductive to his ambitious agenda.  

    In short, don't be ridiculous.  Contribute like an adult or leave.

  • Do we have anything but that HuffPo memo that confirms what you say about the deal?  Because I've been out of the loop for a few weeks and don't know (really!).

    Because both the White House and Pharma reject the contents of the memo, and memos aren't necessarally reality.

    Also, did the TPS report have the appropriate cover letter?

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    Before the recess, he didn't have people's attention... further, if Congress had gotten it done like he'd asked, it wouldn't have been necessary at all.

    But no, the Blue Dogs figured they'd try to make their corporate masters happy and made a stink.  I wonder how interested the progressive base is going to be in helping the handfull of Blue Dogs with their agenda after this...

  • How on earth is insurance reform and the public option mutually exclusive?

    Nothing in anything you've quoted suggests that the public option isn't something that they're interested in.  In fact, the public option would be a tool for insurance reform, in fact the most efficient one at that, because it will levy the strength of the market against the insurance companies.

    That's the true irony of this: the Republicans are essentially arguing against the spirit of the capitalism they pretend to adore.  The fact is, if they had their druthers, everything would be in a monopoly, just to maximize profits.

  • The problem isn't Politico, the problem is the unnamed sources.  A) it's bad journalism, and B) it could be an intern for all we know.  Unnamed sources are almost never worth basing a story on, unless it's a huge whistle blowing event that has other corroboration.

    In short,


  • If it really becomes necessary, which I doubt (all these negative nabobs lately don't seem to have any basis in reality), she'll bust exactly as many kneecaps to give the public option a majority vote.  That's all she needs to do.

  • I wonder how many of those will still be against it when Pelosi's done busting kneecaps.

  • Man, I'd love to have the DNC here in Minneapolis.  Give them a reality check from a state with real progressive values.

  • The bailouts and stimulus prevented a depression, according to Krugman.  Right?

    Afghanistan isn't going worse than it was for 7 years under Bush, it's just getting attention.  Republican attention, ironically enough.

    "Five different health care bills"... sorry, this is how Congress works.  Things get reworked until they work.

    This blog used to have a small but persistant number of lunatics and trolls, but now it seems like over half of the posts I see are specifically designed to be negative and hit Democratic confidence.  Sad.

  • ...because I was just thinking how I can't imagine how you expect for that to happen.

    I mean really, how do you know these things that are going to officially happen?

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    Patiently putting up with crap, however, is about the only thing a president can do if he/she wants to get anything lasting done.  

    Strongarming congress into doing what you want is a good way to recieve powerful backlash.  How permanent was the Permanent Republican Majority, anyway?

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    If you think that the Republicans would have been any more agreeable to Clinton, who was their favorite hobgoblin in the '90s, then you're extremely naive.

    They were rearing to run a general election campaign against Clinton until Obama sucker punched them.

    But most of all, Republicans are 99% controlled by special and corporate interests, and would nigh universally vote against any and all reform as a bloc no matter what.

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    I want to make Michelle Obama proud to be an Armenian.  Or maybe an armiore.

    I want to make Michelle Obama proud to be the All Cool All Request Open House Party with John Garabedian.

    But most of all I want to pass Health Care because it's the right thing to do, not because the First Lady (who is admittedly both fabulous and awesome) made a slight gaffe during a presidential campaign.

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    Why is anyone even considering taking what Kent is saying seriously?  Every one of his diaries has been, with the exception of his first, "OH NOES DEMOCRATS R LOSERING!" even when things have actually been going pretty well on the Democratic agenda front.

    All this antipathy for Obama is ridiculous.  He's less than 8 months into his first term, has gotten some pretty important stuff through and is set to make even bigger gains, and somehow he's a disappointment?

    Bizarre and ridiculous.

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    Another hand wringer.

    Honestly, one of Obama's problems is that many of his supporters are consumate ninnys that scurry like rats whenever the Republicans vomit up their bullshit and lies.

    He's doing fine.  Be realistic.


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