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    Occam's Razor, pal.  A memo is leaked from the White House that turns out to be nearly word-for-word the bill from the ethically compromised Finance Committee.  Is it: A) A secret deal between Obama and Big Pharma that clearly goes against the White House's stated goals, or B) The notes that the Finance Committee sent to the White House to let them know what they're working on?

    (A) requires that we assume that Obama doesn't mean a word of the agenda he's been preaching on Health Care for the better part of two years.  (B) requires that we assume that someone has been keeping notes on what the Finance Committee is doing, and sent them to the Executive Branch.

    Which is more likely?

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    Why is it only Republicans that know how to organize a caucus?

    Because Democrats aren't ruled as a hivemind.  

  • How a memo about Baucus's sellout plan somehow became the White House's backroom deal still escapes me.

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    When right wing astroturf groups get found out, they disband and return with a different name.

    If the name "ACORN" is so offensive and such a hate magnet now, perhaps someone should set up a new group that does the same thing, and let ACORN wither away in obscurity.

    I'm not saying this because I think that it's the right thing to do, either ethically or for ACORN, but because I'm really tired of hearing about something that's such a fake issue gain traction.  Remove the target, let us get on with our lives.

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    The Public Option is not dead, it's just not going to be in the Finance committee's bill.  Please adjust your misleading headline, if you would.

    Thank you.

  • Max Baucus
    (202) 224-2651
    Web Form: baucus.sen­ate.gov/co­ntact/em ai­lForm.cfm?­subj=issue

    Blanche Lincoln
    (202) 224-4843
    Web Form: lincoln.se­nate.gov/c­ontact/e ma­il.cfm

    Kent Conrad
    (202) 224-2043
    Web Form: conrad.sen­ate.gov/co­ntact/we bf­orm.cfm

    Thomas Carper
    (202) 224-2441
    Web Form: carper.sen­ate.gov/co­ntact/

    Ben Nelson
    (202) 224-6551
    Web Form: bennelson.­senate.gov­/contact -m­e.cfm

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    Honestly, whether we need these law extensions or not, it's good that we're talking about these sorts of things.  Complacency is very, very dangerous, especially in politics.

    I knew Franken would live up to my vote.

  • We shouldn't be changing the rules whenever they're inconvenient; I'd have rather they passed a law stating that the governor can only appoint someone from the same party as the seat's former occupant or something that can pass relatively permanent muster.  

    That said, Massachusetts really needs a second senator in the game for the health care debate, and January is too long to wait.

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    I concede the point.

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    ...did Kent just crack a mildly funny joke?  Am I dreaming?

  • Nor are they good tactics just because they were effective for Republicans.  We're not Republicans, and the things that work for their goals might not work for ours.

    Republican goal: Have agents in place to assist in Corporate welfare and divisive tactics

    Democratic goal: Well, I don't know what our goals are, because they're a lot more diverse than Republicans', but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that what Democrats have to offer in the current political climate is that we're interested in populism and good governing.

    The "agents in place" goal doesn't really apply to what recommends Democrats the most.

  • The point of the diary, though, is that Obama should consider young judges like Thomas was more strongly because it's a good strategy vs. Republican malfeasance.

    I'd rather get the right people for the job.  Good government means we're more likely to keep the ability to appoint good judges.

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    When I was first out of college, I got all sorts  of mail and calls offering me lower rates for farming my student loan out to private companies.  Some of my friends did it and swore by it, but I want my money (especially the interest that compounds on my loan) to go towards the greater good, not some executive's pocketbook.

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    Given what an embarassment Clarence Thomas is, I'm not sure it stands that the tactic is validated.

    We are not Republicans.  We don't have to do things the way their hive mind says things should be done.

  • I'm clueless.  I didn't get your pun until this minute. Good one, though.


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