Que the banjos: Cop Assaults Peaceful Protestor

Seems some hillbilly cop in Asheville, North Carolina either went on a power trip or a something like a 'roid rage and attacked an activist for peace in his home.  He had to break the door down to do it, but hey, when there are peace activists to be billy clubbed, a door is not going to stand in the way.

Seems now the cop is trying to lie his way out of the whole incident and blame his rage on the protestor.  However, luckily there was at least one witness nearby that saw the whole thing.

Sadly, taking place in the mountains of North Carolina, I would bet the officer becomes a local legend, the witness disappears, and the hippie gets the chair.

http://www.mountainx.com/news/2007/flagg ed_down_activists_arrested_in_row_over_p rotest_flag_allege_abuse_by_bu

On a more sober note.  Incidents like this could really help shine a light on what has happened in this country since 9/11 and how people seem unwillingly to speak out against this war.  As if they are afraid to offend someone - or get beat up by some out of control law enforcement officer.

I am admittedly not a huge fan of protests.  Normally I'd say they don't accomplish much.  But we are getting so close to the Republican Party cracking on the issue of the war, that a few decent protests in the right districts may serve to peel away a few extra votes for the continuance of the war.

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