No US War for Israel

Israel can't be allowed to be the tail that wags our dog.  We can't let Israel dictate when and how we go to war.   If Israel makes the mistake of widening the conflict and attacking Syria, or worse, so be it.  Let them fight to defend themselves, but let them do it themselves.

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Re: No US War for Israel

All these Israeli rampages, especially the current one (mid-July, '06) cannot possibly bode well for the average besieged American citizen. To hell with these hyper-zionist nut-cases.

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Re: No US War for Israel

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Sorry to quote a dead old liberal like Benjamin Franklin to conservatives around here who would gladly sacrifice a few Jews to sate the enemy. The real real aim of the terrorists is "Big Satan" rather than "Little Satan."

Why is this ugly thread a recommended diary?

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Re: No US War for Israel

Why is this an ugly thread?  Because we dare criticize Israel?  It's about time we are free to criticize Israel and its policies without being branded as an anti-semite.  

The lack of proper discourse here is SO bad that one would believe that ALL jews in the US are rabid pro-Israelis.  

The Iraq war was planned and pushed by the Israeli Right Wing.  That same group has gone to war with their neighbors in the middle-east.  If we're not going to go in to stop the fighting on both sides then we should not go in at all.  Let Israel fight it's own war this time.

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Re: No US War for Israel

"Why is this an ugly thread?  Because we dare criticize Israel?  It's about time we are free to criticize Israel and its policies without being branded as an anti-semite."

Anyone is free to damn or praise Israel as they wish.  I choose to do both.  No one is harder on Israel than some Jews who are hardly anti-semitic.

Now would you like to address the issues rather than your own hurt?

This is ugly because there is nothing there but an exposed hate.  Have you failed to notice that "Little Satan" is little more than a proxy for "Big Satan?"  If you have not, perhaps you should listen to what the haters are saying.  Then listen to yourself.


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Re: No US War for Israel

The fact that you think the "Israeli Right Wing" was the one that planned/executed the war on Iraq shows how little you know about foreign policy. Check out this article: on-of-iraq-a-jewish-conspiracy

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Re: No US War for Israel

Uhhhh... did you even read that article you cite?  It tangentially proves me correct.  

Don't begin to profess "how little I know of foreign policy."  

Perhaps you should read this:

and btw, nowhere did I refer to the US or Israel as a big or little satan.

I don't like how Israel or the US conducts their foreign policies.  The current situation in the Middle East, in fact, lends credence to my argument.

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Go ahead and the level the charge

Don't dance around it. ... You know you want to.

Israel has everyright to defend itself.  How it does it is up to them.   The consequences of the actions must also be their to bare.  That is all.

Your quote of Franklin here is misguided and off the mark.   Our security was not violated.  It was Israel who had soldiers killed and abducted.  Again, let them deal with their problem.  

The US doesn't have a dog in this fight (yet), and we don't need a war with Iran right now, when Iraq is still a bloody quagmire.  

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