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    Wasn't it just a day or two ago that the NY Times was whining about "civility" on the web? Do they have anything to say about the corporations that permit and encourage this vile, racist filth to be broadcast, whether by Imus, Glen Beck or any of the monsters so willing to cheapen our society in their mad dash for a few extra dollars to shove up their fat asses? Imus should have been retired from the public airwaves long ago. He and his kind should be allowed to exercise their free speech rights at late night KKK crossburnings in the parts of rural Georgia where people like Lynn Westmoreland and Jack Kingston are elected to Congress.

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    I'm glad to hear you want to go after Emanuel. Let me assure you that neither Lutrin nor myself thought there was a conspiracy that involved a change of personel at the DCCC and I apologize if that's what I communicated. What I think I wrote is that the problem was that after spending months being encouraged by the DCCC point person and being introduced to Congressman Davis who said he was going to be his "mentor," suddenly there was a new point person who had no idea who he was-- disconcerting enough-- and then getting a call to go meet with another guy running for the office (Mahoney) who immediately offered to finance a race for him in another district through a dummy non-profit.

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    Dave, you're right about McNerney having benefited by staying in the battle and beating the Emanuel/Tauscher shill in the primary. (And the same goes forCarol Shea-Porter,  John Hall and several other grassroots, progressive and anti-war candidates Emanuel tried chasing out of their races.) DWT and Blue America stuck with many of those candidates and helped them raise money for their races (as I know you did on your blog). I recall one night-- after midnight-- being on the phone with a woman who had been a Democrat all her life who was fighting against one of Emanuel's "ex"-Republicans (neither progressive, anti-war nor grassroots, just wealthy and pro-Big Business). She told me the crap Emanuel (and Hoyer) were throwing at her to drive her out of the race was the most depressing thing she had ever experienced in politics. "I've been a Democrat all my life. I don't want to be fighting other Democrats." Shealmost quit but she stayed in the race and was beaten by the Emanuel shill (who then lost to a far right Republican).

    McNerney had powerful financial backing from anti-Pombo environmentalists (over $1,000,000) and lots of grassroots support from a previous run. I WISH every progressive could have had a story like his. Lutrin's, alas, is a different story. He's a school teacher and union member with no big bucks behind him and he got hit by a train-- a very expensive train that he couldn't compete with. I was really disappointed when he withdrew but I understood why he did-- the same way I was disappointed and understood when Paul Hackett withdrew from his race for similar reasons. (At least in the OH Senate race, Paul was up against an actual Democrat, not someone who had switched registration a few weeks before with the specific intention of exploiting the not yet public news about Foley inorder to ride it into Congress.)

    David, maybe I'm wrong about this, but isn't there a rule about the DCCC not interfering in primaries?

    As for Lutrin being offered a bribe and then nothing else..., I think I linked to his original withdrawal statement where he explained why he was leaving the race.

    I think he should have stayed in the race too-- even though the financial disparity was overwhelming. I didn't ask him to come on for a chat today to cry over that bowl of spilt milk. I asked him to come on so the community could get an idea about how Team Emanuel operates. We're eager to work in a more cooperative manner with Chris Van Hollen and it was my feeling that there is a need to go into it with our eyes open. The bribe offer was a big deal because although it came from Mahoney personally, it appears to have been figured out-- since it was pretty complex-- with the DCCC. When we questioned Lutrin about this today at FDL he went into it a bit and said he's saving the details for his book. He's told me the details; it'll be worth picking up the book to read them.

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    I just posted the ad over at Down With Tyranny. Please take a look. And if you want to help us elect Tony Trupiano in MI-11, like Matt suggests, this is the place-- right next to the American flag cleaning up our national's capital.

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    The ad was completely rebuilt and every single issue was replaced. Not a single Virginia issue remains. And there's no ad firm involved. But I agree that it's a really good thing to donate directly to candidates.

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    Tomorrow John Hall will be the Blue America live guest at Firedoglake-- 5:30 PM (EST). We plan to help him replenish his treasury.

  • I'm curious to know why Donna Edwards isn't going to get on the netroots page. You've been her biggest champion and you've probably called more attention to this race than anyone else has. What am I missing?

    People who want to donate to her campaign can do it at the Blue America ActBlue page, which I just linked to Matt's newest piece on the race.

  • Nathan, my analysis jibes with yours. Unless the magnitude of the tsunami is beyond what anyone even dreams, Ferguson is probably the only endangered NJ incumbent this year. And the fact that he's got such an outstanding opponent in Stender should help push him along to the obscurity he's earned.

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    Thanks very much for writing about me. I'm a little shy about this kind of thing and when I was in the music business I stopped reading any press about myself-- but the headline is amazing. AND... more important, I want to invite anyone who reads this to a special Blue America session tomorrow. Normally we do them at 2PM (Eastern) on Saturdays. Last week we did Dave Mejias, the progressive Nassau County legislator who will be retiring the odious Peter King (NY-03) in November and next Saturday we're doing Doctor Victoria Wulsin, someone who can actually live up to the legacy of her friend and advisor, Paul Hackett, when she takes on Mean Jean Schmidt (way beyond odious).

    BUT... because we now have more candidates saying they'd like to come on for a blog session than there are Saturdays between now and the election, we're starting to schedule some for other days. And tomorrow (Wednesday) is our first-- and a worthy candidate it is-- a genuine working class hero: Congressman Sherrod Brown. We want to do all we can to help Sherrod dislodge the rubber stamp fake-moderate Republican who holds what should be a Democratic Senate seat in Ohio. So please come on over to Firedoglake tomorrow at 5:30 PM (Eastern time) to meet Sherrod. Bring some questions for him; he's very fast on his feet.

    Meanwhile, please give a listen to the campaign theme song Rickie Lee Jones and a couple of the Squirrel Nut Zippers did for Blue America. It's not for sale-- just for free download.

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    Hull-Richter didn't submit enough valid signatures on his petitions to make it; he needed 2,461 to qualify.

    The district is used to crooks and retrobates, having replaced indicted and convicted and electronic ankle bracelet-wearing Jay Kim with the current crook. I updated the article Chris linked to above.

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    Well put, Dave! I guess people are foolish enough to compare a Republican with a 20% "pro-labor" rating to zero percent pro-labor Republicans (like the entire GOP House leadership King votes for) instead of comparing him to other congressmen's records in the region. King is an absolute unmitigated disaster and if you can communicate with everyone in the district what you just did so well here, you will have a good chance to dislodge this disgrace to Long Island.

    I'm really looking forward to your live blog session next Saturday at Firedoglake and 2 PM.

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    I'm very impressed that Edwards added Larry Kissell. Before that happened, I wrote a piece blasting him (mildly) for bending over a bit too much for Rahm Emanuel. I thought it was classy of Edwards to offer "Democratic candidates" in Arizona and Nevada where there are hot primaries in the offing. I also found it stupid of Edwards to swallow Emanuel's bullshit about FL-13 where the DCCC corporate shill will probably lose, just like their candidate did in CA-11 (notice no McNerney on this list by the way; Rahmy's still sore?). That was the point of my Edwards story today; if he wants to be president, he needs to pay better attention and not blindly trust craven hacks like Emanuel.

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    I wonder how huge the polling disparity has to be in Ohio for Blackwell not to do for himself in November exactly what he did for BushCheney in 2004. And how big does the disparity between polls like this one and the fixed Diebold polls each November have to be before citizens of Ohio-- and the rest of the country-- rise up and say "NO MORE!"

  • Great introduction to Joe Roberts! I want to follow up on your mention above of Rick Penberthy. A couple weeks ago Rick was a live guest at Firedoglake's weekly candidate q&a. I think taking a look at it will help people understand how Rick can overcome considerable odds-- like a gerrymandered district and severe finance disparity-- to take back FL-05 for the good guys.

    Response to Rick at the Blue America ACT BLUE Page has been really encouraging too.

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    Interesting you should mention California freshman John Campbell. It's probably just wishful thinking that Young can beat him after the dismal performance  last time. But Campbell just handed him a nice weapon. Campbell was one of only 33 extremist nutcases, racists and xenophobes to vote against the extension of the 1964 Voting Rights Act which protects American citizens from being discriminated against at the polls. Campbell apparently felt comfortable strapping on a sword and  easing into his grey uniform to join the Confederacy for the day. Well... for many, many days.


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