Ted Nugent Claims GOP Senators Favor Nuking Iraq

Execrably bad singer/guitarist, NRA-spokesperson and death penalty advocate Ted Nugent wants to run for governor of Michigan (and presumably move back there from Texas). He also claims that the only U.S. failure in Iraq "has been not to Nagasaki them." When asked by a reporter (in the record) if his friends in the Republican Party feel that way, he replied "Most of them feel that way." Since Nugent's long and close relationship with George Bush is a matter of public record, the reporter pressed a little to find out which Republicans exactly want to nuke Iraq. (That's Iraq with a "q" not the place with an "n.") "I've heard it from high-level senators and congressmen."

Meanwhile Bruce Springsteen is offering an entirely different perspective to more contemporary rockers. Kicking off his Pete Seeger tour in Mansfield, MA yesterday, The Boss had quite a bit to say about George Bush's failed presidency. Bringing up the gross incompetence surrounding the "response" to Hurricane Katrina, Springsteen said "I've never seen anything like it in any American city" and referred to Bush as "President Bystander." (Last month he had told an audience in New Orleans that Bush had "managed to gut the only agency, through political cronyism, that could help people at a time like this.")

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