IL-14: Special Election Lawsuit

I know the eyes of the world are on Iowa today, but here in Illinois, we were just treated to this bombshell from a local paper:

Election officials in at least seven Illinois counties plan to ask a federal court to intervene because they believe the dates set by Gov. Rod Blagojevich for a special primary and special general election will not give them time to meet federal and state statutes that govern elections.

The election is to replace Hastert, who has retired.  The special primary is set for February 5 and the special general March 8.  From the story it appears that the objection from the counties comes not to the primary date but to the March 8 special general date.

I know I've heard grumblings before about how much of a time crunch this schedule puts on the counties - and the whole thing will cost a minor fortune, whenever it is scheduled.

Don't know how this will play out in court, since I believe Blagojevich was well within the time-frame permitted by statute.  But I've also heard the statute is really vague and indeterminate, and of course no one wants anyone disenfranchised - and the county clerks seem to be saying that's inevitable with this timeline, since it gives them inadequate time to handle things like absentee ballots.

Politically, I have not really thought through who would benefit from a later date - except that I heard in passing that NIU, and possibly some other universities in the district, are on break this week, so it could actually benefit Dems to push it back.  But that's just off the top of my head - any thoughts on this in comments would be welcome.

More in updates if I hear more.

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