IL-14: NOW & GCC Endorse Laesch

Just found this late-breaking set of endorsements on the Laesch for Congress website.  I say late-breaking, not just because of the time of day, but because we are a mere four days out from the both the primary and the special primary to replace the retired (i.e. completely gone and no longer my congresscritter - Yay!) Hastert.

I just learned today that the primaries in Illinois this year are special for this reason: unlike other super Tuesday states, Illinois is also conducting our Congressional primaries on this date, making them not just the earliest in the nation, but the earliest Congressional primaries in national history, per Congressional Quarterly.

I bring this up because events are happening at a wicked pace here: on March 8, this district will send a new Congressperson to the House, and we need to make sure it is the only real Progressive in this race.

Now on to the good news:

Per the Laesch for Congress website, John Laesch has earned both the Illinois and national endorsements of the National Organization for Women:

Upon hearing of the endorsement, John stated, "I am proud to stand with NOW in their fight for equality, fair pay, and social and economic justice. I will work in Congress to protect reproductive rights and make certain that our caregivers receive the respect they deserve. If we are to move forward as a society, we must have fair and equal treatment for all."

As a woman who has worked for John's campaign in the past and is still a strong supporter, I am particularly proud that John has earned this endorsement.  And I know it to be particularly fitting - no one is more committed to social justice for women than is John Laesch.  

Also just appearing on the Laesch website is the endorsement of the Greater Chicago Caucus, which is committed to

people of conscience who will work for the advancement and protection of human and civil rights, promote debate on public policy issues and work to support or elect officials that reflect the core values of this Caucus.

According to the website the GCC has been interviewing and studying candidates since September.  Candidates were evaluated on their positions on the issues ranging from civil liberties, comprehensive immigration reform, economic justice, environment, health care, education, middle east foreign policy and preemptive war.

John stated, "I am proud to be endorsed by an organization dedicated to peace and justice issues. I respect the diverse number of voices represented in the Caucus. I share their goal of leaving a better world to the next generations."

I understand the Greater Chicago Caucus has emerged as a banding together of Chicagoland communities committed to peace and justice issues, with the intent to form a political alliance to further these causes.

You can view both ensorsements and links to the organization's making them on Laesch's website.

This is great late-breaking news for Laesch: Go John!

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Re: IL-14: NOW & GCC Endorse Laesch

Ding dong the witch is dead.

which old witch?

John Laesch

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