Donahue; not the talk show host; the one running for Delegate in Virginia

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Jay's ActBlue Page

The newest candidate that I working with is Jay Donahue.  He is running in Virginia's 86th District in the Herndon area.  As you all know, I only work with candidates that I truly believe in, and I know that it is not as sexy of a race as Christine Jennings for Congress (Where I was Chief Fundraiser), but it would be taking down a staunch Republican, and turning this small part of Virginia Blue.  Every penny counts in this campaign.  

Please recommend this diary, in the hopes that we can help spread the word.  If you knew Jay as well as I do, you would see the true Progressive.  Instead of retiring, he is running for office, and I hope you would support him.  The body of this post is from Jay himself.



Jay's ActBlue Page

I'm Jay Donahue, Democratic candidate for Virginia 's 86th Legislative District.

I'm running for office because the politicians in Richmond have failed to lead us beyond ideology to practical solutions for our most pressing problems. Whether it is transportation, early childhood education, the environment, or smart growth policies, the current leadership has failed to deliver.

As Vice Chairman of the Town of Herndon 's Planning Commission, and as an employee of Triple-A (Automobile Association of America), I've studied planning and smart growth techniques. I will use this experience to support the development of sensible land use and transportation legislation. I'm proud to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce because I understand that business and government must work together to serve the public interest and improve our quality of life.

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My wife Joanne and I have lived in this district as your neighbor for twenty-five years. We raised our two sons, Chris and Ryan here and have watched our community grow. As a teacher at Forest Grove Elementary School in Loudoun County , my wife has seen a generation of young people take advantage of the many opportunities Virginia has to offer. These young people, however, face tremendous challenges as we seek to improve our education system and our public infrastructure.
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Unfortunately there are many forces working against pragmatic solutions to the problems we face. If there's one thing the current fiasco on transportation financing proves, it's this: the Republican majority in the Virginia House of Delegates has totally lost sight of what they've been sent to Richmond to do - GOVERN!

Republicans in Richmond have shown with their policies that they don't care about the needs of our community. As long as our delegates elect Republicans to their leadership, the needs of our region will continue to be ignored.

I'm writing you today because not only do I need your help at the polls in November, I also need it financially so we can move forward with our campaign.

Please help me bring change to the General Assembly by clicking here to contribute $1,000, $500, $250, or any amount you can to my campaign today!

Thank you,

Jay Donahue
Candidate, VA House of Delegates

P.S. There are no limits to individual donations in the state of Virginia , and any contribution to my campaign is not tax deductible.

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