Shrewed negociating skills

Remember the last time we had a budget crissis?

Remember the democratic president who had lost the house in midterm elections.


Remember how he negociated a tax cut for the poor and a tax raise for the rich even though he didn't control the house or the senate?


Aren't you glad he isn't living in the white house whispering in his wife's ear right now?


Hillary is "likable enough" but Obama is better in every way.


Well except that he is basically irrelevent in this budget crisis.  He painted himself into a corner and before this whole thing is over he will have to eat crow of his own making.  Dispite what the media is telling you the GOP hold all the cards on this.  They don't mind government running out of money and needing to dramatically cut spending.  Long term thats what they want.  Obama choose to negociate a position of trying to be in control and ends up both owning the results and coming off as whiner in chief.


Making lines in the sand that get ignored makes him look weak.  Saying he will veto a short term raise exposes that he is motivated by politics and doesn't truly believe that his position is the popular one with the people, IE he doesn't want to run 2012 on raising the debt cap.  When he uses words like he summoned the congress and senate to the white house he sends a clear message that he thinks he is in charge but then he owns the outcome which is what is happening.  As he goes to the US people over and over again he appears weak while the GOP appear strong as they are doing exactly what they ran on in 2010.  All of this is of his own making. 

Bill Clinton would have never made such childish errors.  Calling your opponent childish is insulting but to the point.  Saying you are the only adult in the room is saying that A) you would call them childish if you had the balls and B) stating something that is obviously false, to be in congress you need to be 25 and hence an adult.  Its akward phrasing from people who not only make their entire living making up phrasing but also sat around in a room and choose this exact insult.


Contrast this with Bill

"Why aren’t we talking more about the economy and less about this?" Clinton said during a speech to liberal youth activists in Washington. "Partly because the Republicans who control the House and have a lot of pull in the Senate have now decided, having quadrupled the debt in 12 years before I took office and doubled it after I left, that it's all of a sudden the biggest problem in the world."


Simple to the point, moves from deficit to economy, clearly points out the Clinton years rocked and the GOP make this mess.


I know who the adult in the room is.


Obama showed great skill

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