• It's your problem that you didn't read it carefully and then passed on your faulty interpretation as established fact. And it will be your fault if you don't issue a correction.

    Don't be like them...

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    hopefully one thing that might stop you is the law.

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    Hey! Leave Vandy out of it! :) They're a good team - maybe over-seeded at a 6. You want to complain - Illinois is the crap! And if we want to bitch about SEC crap, make it Arkansas. Now that's some crap. Vandy beat Kentucky twice, beat Florida, the overall #1 seed, beat Tennessee and Georgia Tech and finished second in the country's second toughest conference by RPI.

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    Here he is tonight:
    "Tonight, against all military advice to the contrary, the President announced his intention to plunge us ever deeper into the quagmire of Iraq. I have no doubt that the President is sincere in believing that his strategy is the right one. But escalation has already been tried and it has already failed, because no amount of American forces can solve the political differences that lie at the heart of somebody else's civil war.

    I opposed giving the President the broad, open-ended authority to wage this war in 2002 partly because I feared we would arrive at this point -- a point where the ideological pursuit of an ill-defined victory would overwhelm the reality of the facts on the ground. We must not risk more American lives in service of a failed policy, but do what's necessary to force a political settlement in Iraq so that we can bring our troops home and redouble our nation's efforts in the wider struggle against terrorism."

    and this:
    "It is time for us to send a message to the Iraqis that they have to stand up. And we can be partners with them. We can mobilize the international community to support them. But for us to simply think that by adding 15,000 or 20,000 more troops, as opposed to beginning a phased withdrawal, that we're sending that message, I think we're making a very bad mistake. And I'm going to see what we can do here in Congress to ensure that the initial mistake of going into Iraq is not compounded by this further mistake."

    Sounds good to me. We'll get a non-binding resolution vote next week as a starter, which Obama supports, along with hearings and go from there trying to do as much as they can, given that they're not the commander-in-chief. Hoyer and Lieberman are Dem. problems. But Obama's one of the good guys. He's not perfect. But then we can't all be Matt Stoller.

  • I wonder if the problem is like what we had here in TN. We have new touch-screen machines and at any time you can press the final "submit vote" button even if you're not done paging through all the races. Many voters thought they were supposed to "submit the vote" after each race, then "confirmed" that vote, only to then be told they were done and unable to continue voting in the other races. Don't know if that could have caused many to miss the House race. I'm sure lots of FL was focused on Gov. and Senate. Still, 1 out of 7 undervotes sounds ridiculous.

  • Of course there are plenty of racists here, both overt and latent, and they never were going to vote for Ford anyway. The problem with these ads is they invite Ford (and Ford supporters) to cry "racist"! There are lots of folks here who could vote for Ford but don't want a Senator who reminds them of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton - people who, in their minds (not that I agree!!) see racist overtones in everything. I agree that these ads are horribly racist and shameful. But I think the worst thing the Ford campaign could do is to complain that the ads are racist and shameful. That's just what they want him to do - it will turn off just the people we might be able to get on our side. That's the baiting that's going on here.

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    NYMinute is right. There are no projections here, just compilation of the publicly available data, essentially re-tallying the Kerry-Bush early vote as if the turnout by county was as it has been this last 6 days. Obviously, this is of limited usefulness, but it's something (and all we've got). The good news is, purely on the turnout front, we're doing better by those standards; the bad news is only slightly.

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    i'm working on the Bredesen-Hilleary numbers now. Good idea!

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    Are the undecided numbers kind of high? Seems like it to me. Maybe somebody smart could do the research. There are alot of voters out there who seem confident they will vote but still seem to have no clue how they will vote. Both an opportunity and a danger. It can't be good news for incumbents. But in an open seat like TN's i'm not sure how it cuts...20% still don't know? 1 in 5? Many ways to still win and lose these things with that number seemingly so high.

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    A few more Democrats--enough to get control of the Senate--and bills like this wouldn't even come up.

  • The Tennessee challenge just got more serious. The new internal Ford poll has Ford up 6 (up 2 last month).

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    Despite some possibly bad news today (flap over shooting a campaign commercial in a church), Ford's running a smart energetic bold campaign and right now Corker is punch-drunk.

    A couple of reasons not to get too excited...

    1. Corker hasn't really spent much ad money yet.
    2. I think that between now and election day, he stands only to gain back some of the Republicans who are still miffed at him for lying about their primary candidates in ads. That wound will only heal between now and then.
    3. The anti-gay amendment will get folks to the polls who would never in a million years vote for Ford.

    I'm still optimistic and hopeful. If this is about campaigning Ford will win. His strategy is brilliant, his energy makes Corker look positively catatonic, and he comes across as smart and determined in his very smart, welldone ads.

    Tennessee is perfectly capable of electing Democrats. The House is D, the Governor is D and before 1994 both of our Senators were D. I look to 2006 to correct many of the electoral wrongs of that year. It's not breaking some new ground for TN to go Democratic (maybe it is in some of your young lives - I'm jealous!) it's just returning some things to the way they should be. Ford still has a battle on his hands, but he's runnign a great state-wide campaign (the grassroots element could use some help).

  • a little too confident for me. in national polls we've always held the lead with the American people on all the main issues we care about (if not the candidates). it's in national election strategy and execution that we have sucked. we're not going to win on the coattails of magic polls, or the grand theory of undecideds breaking for the challenger, but through work and organization and being smart and tough, with good candidates in the right spot. Like it or not, the last time we got to check, the GOP was smarter and tougher, more organized and closed stronger than we did. But we're clearly light-years ahead of where we were then on all counts--just hope it's enough. Anyway, way too early to celebrate though fun to think about. But all that really matters is that we get 15 House seats, or 6 Senate seats or preferably both. 48-30 is a nice snapshot, but still 2.5 months out and that poll doesn't really count the things that matter. Can we get 15+????

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    71-58 w/40% in can't be right. official results say 64k-57k with 44% in. far from over.
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    There must be cameras there because I just saw a good bit of it live on Chris Matthews. I think they would have showed lots more if it didn't run into the end of the show.


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