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Although FOX News has finally succumbed to the pressure to pull its despicable O.J. Special, it has now signed on to an even more disgraceful enterprise: Dick Cheney's provocative new book: IF I DID IT --FAKED WMD.

Scheduled to appear on FOX with Sean Hannity, Cheney asserts in his book that the first thing he would have done is get an Iraqi screwball named "Curveball" to claim that Saddam had mass stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons -- based in a Shia trailer park in the slums of Sadr City.

Then, as a "change of pace," he would have claimed that a roll of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil that Iraqis used to store their leftover yellow sponge cake was actually part of a reconstituted nuclear weapons program. (Editor's Note: This at a time when Baghdad actually had electricity for refrigerators.)

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